1 Dress - 3 Ways - on the 4th!

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One way I love making my wardrobe stretch is by looking for pieces that can be worn multiple ways.  If you've been around for a while, you know I call this the #ORMRuleof3 - making sure I can style something at least 3 ways or wear it for 3 seasons or wear it for three areas of my life.  If it meets those thresholds (and I love it) it usually gets to stay in my closet!

Using the #ORMRuleof3 helps me keep my options open, but my closet is not as cluttered (still working on the decluttering process, but I'm extra picky now on what I bring in!). Pieces that work in multiple ways also help me when I'm packing.  We are thinking of taking some time away in the next few months with the kids and my goal is always to pack as light as I can for those trips.  Once you haul the kid stuff around, a duffle bag for you sounds just about right ;-)

I grabbed this dress at Target thinking I might be able to wear it for the 4th of July.  Once I got it though, I realized how versatile it really was.  I was also thinking it would work great as a swimsuit coverup with a navy or blue suit (or even a white one!).  So maybe I should have called this post "1 dress - 4 ways, but 3 pictured". Either way, I'm wearing it today for the 4th, but will keep on wearing it this summer styled these different ways.  I should note, this dress keeps going in and out of stock - so if it's out of stock when you look, you might try these button down options instead: Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3 / Option 4 / Option 5 / Option 6 / Option 7 Really, any button down dress with a slight sleeve all the way to a full sleeve would work to pull off these looks!

Pictured below are the 3 ways I've styled the dress for day to day wear.  I've linked the few items I pulled from my closet to pull off the 3 looks! 

This look is super simple - just paired it with my cami slip dress!

The perfect pair of sunnies is all you need for this look!

Last look is wearing the dress open with these new distressed jeans and tank!

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