Anthropologie Gift Guide 2020 Part 2

Anthropologie Gift Guides

Day 2 and Part 2 of my  #giftguide for this year! I pulled so many ideas, I needed to split them into 2 separate guides. Yes, the list is THAT good and the sale of 30% off is even better! Scroll back to last night's post to see Part 1 of my #anthropologiegiftguide
Anthro hardly ever puts everything on sale including their new items, so this is what I'd call a stock-up sale! A perfect time of year to treat yourself or someone you love with something special.
Just like yesterday, all shopping links are below. Your support means so much when you shop through my links. These guides are a labor of love and not sponsored content, so your clicks, likes, and shares mean a lot! Let's get started!
Dinner Plates - they come in a set of 4. I have these in a different print and anytime we eat on them, the meals feel that much more special. My current set has seen the dishwasher many times and still looks brand new (win!) I'm thinking these look more seasonally appropriate and might also need to hop in my cart! Definitely worth the splurge IMO.
Yesterday, I posted about the floral kitchen dish towels at Anthro, but they also have these great rich colorful ones that look great year round and feel good when you are using them too.
My coffee habit has directly impacted my mug collecting habits while we've been in quarantine mode for the last 9 months. Anytime I see a pretty mug, or set of mugs like these, I think to myself "That's useful on the daily! Justified." And then I end up with all these gorgeous mugs. I love how moody, yet cozy this particular set is!
Pampas Grass is a trend I don't see leaving anytime soon. But to find it offered in a variety of colors makes it all the better. I could see the yellow in a bedroom, pink in a nursery or little girl's room, Orange in a living room or fun pop of color in the bathroom, and then ivory in just about any room! The price is amazing with the 30% discount!
Yesterday I talked about adding in Good Genes by Sunday Riley to my skincare routine. Another thing I have yet to add to my skin care routine, but need to is retinol (40 is about 18 months away and I've got to keep up!). I plan to stagger my use of this while I get accustomed to it, but it got rave reviews from people with sensitive skin like myself, so I'm going to give it a try!
Back to my favorite headbands and I'm loving both of these options for the rich color as well as the texture they bring to any look. You'll likely be seeing these in upcoming #ootd posts! and
This is the first year we *might* be able to put out our gifts under the tree before the holiday. Our youngest is very curious and incredibly quiet when he wants to be... so we've never been able to trust him to follow the "no snooping" policy. This year, I think we can do it - and I plan to have all the pretty bows that I can! I color code the boys wrapping with each of them getting a different color bow. I think this year, I'll use this velvet ribbon to make things look extra special.
Amber vases - 3 sizes are available. These are the kind of statement pieces I love using in our home because it means I'm that much less obligated to fill them with anything. They are gorgeous all on their own or if I'm on top of my game, a stem or two.
This plant stand with stripes is one of those "splurge" items, but with the sale, the price is one any plant mama could handle. Until you have big plants and only so many corners of your home left, you might not understand - but let me tell you, this normal lady turned crazy plant lady during quarantine would LOVE one of these! My guess is, one of the plant people in your life would too!
A fur blanket to cuddle up in. This one comes in 4 colors, but I'm loving the luscious orange color the most. It has me officially swooning. Maybe Santa will hear my swoon ?!?
Back to drinking coffee and a good initial mug, with a great price point. Add a starbucks gift card and this is the kind of gift that can't go wrong! I highly recommend this classic style as an easy go-to, please anyone, gift idea. Think about ALL the teachers in your life (and send them love and coffee constantly!)
This planter ended up on my plant gift guide and now it's back for a repeat appearance. It's worth mentioning twice. It's concrete and has been made to look like a woven basket. It comes in multiple sizes, but the biggest one is the one to really get excited about! Planters this size that are stylish (for indoor plants) are so hard to come by - I'm all about this one!
These initial pendants are on trend and easy gift ideas for just about anyone on your list. All letters were available when I last checked (today!)
As a pear shape person, once you find a good belt, you stock up. Because if you wear a dress, chances are - These stretchy belts are my tried and true favorites to wear with dresses, sweaters, shirts, etc. They are meant to be worn on the outside (not through loops) and because they stretch, they nip in at your waist at the most perfect point accentuating all your curves. I have 5 of them, so when I say they're good, they are GOOD.
A member of our #ORMFall20 style group mentioned this book in our Friday Favorites group posts and I've been eyeing it ever since. If you saw yesterday's post with the Agate Cheese Tray - you know I'm BIG into charcuterie boards. This book is another one of those coffee table books that is a must have in my life! It's officially on my list!
This gold vase is smaller than you might think but perfect for the small bunch of stems you grab at the store to treat yourself! I have it up on our shelf in the dining room and it looks amazing, even empty. Anytime I get a bunch of flowers, I always hold a small handful back to pop into this vase. All the greens and all the flowers look amazing in it!
As someone that has gone from a very short pixie cut, to a grown out pixie, to a bob, and back to a stacked asymmetrical haircut in the last few years... you know a good bobby pin when you see one. The gold of these pins dresses up the days when they are needed - and would make a great stocking stuffer too!
Black and white as well as monochromatic is on trend in home decor. I don't see that going anywhere anytime soon, so it's always fun when you find a piece like this faux fur pillow that adds a bit of whimsy and interest to a neutral decor color palette. I think it would look great on a bed, chair or a couch - and I have a feeling both of my boys would fight for it!
One of the first scents I loved of the Anthro Candles was the Blue Capri scent. If you've smelled it, you know. If you haven't - it's time. This jar and topper make it decorative and useful all at the same time.
Brace yourselves, I think this might be the most expensive item on both of my lists - but it is so worth it (if you'd like multiple other people supporting that statement, just check out the reviews!). Thanks to the sale, I grabbed a few of these to give as special gifts this year. They are AMAZING!

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