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Plus Size Athleta Items

The Athleta Friends and Family sale is here!  Athleta offers size 0-26 and XXS-3X!  Here's the best news about this sale - the extra 20% off works on items that are already on sale!  For size reference, everything I ordered to try I ordered in a 3x. 

There are 2 ways to access the sale: 1 - use a card from one of their brands at checkout (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, or Athleta) OR 2) sign up for the FREE Athleta Rewards program here. (Don't panic if the extra 20% off doesn't show right away in your cart. I found out it's applied at checkout when you enter your payment information!)

I'm going to level with you - Athleta prices for me are higher than I'm normally comfortable spending.  Part of the reason is I have clothes I love and I'm not someone that lives in athletic wear.  However, I know with cooler weather coming, and my desire to be cozy and comfortable, I might be looking for more of these pieces.

I took the opportunity during the 20% off sale (running through Sept. 13th) to shop the sale section and grabbed 2 full price items (eeek!).  Once it all gets here, I'll try it on and share - but for now, here's what I grabbed!

(PS - none of this is sponsored or gifted by Athleta (although - Hey Athleta - I'll be hanging right here whenever you'd like to partner - hit a girl up!).  Instead, I'm just sharing the sale and my personal picks of what I plan to try!)


Kinetic Waist Bag, Orange Haze. 2 colors are on sale.  Word on the street is that this bag is plus size waist friendly - I'll be testing it out for us for sure!  I grabbed Orange Haze. ($19.98 final sale, normally $55)

Balance Jogger, Toasted Brown Heather. Only color currently on sale. ($23.98 final sale - normally $89)

Balance Sweatshirt, Toasted Brown Heather. Available in a few colors. With the sale it's $39.99, normally $119 (crazy, right?)

Ultimate Train Tee, Orange Haze. On sale in 2 colors (that match the Kinetic Waist bags linked above).  On sale for $19.99, normally $59.

Ultimate Stash Pocket 7inch Short, Orange Haze.  These felt like a bit of a gamble - super bright color and 7 inch length, but I figured what the heck - I should try!  They'll match the shirt above and will work well for the warm weather we have left or next spring/summer (if they work!).  On sale for $31.99, normally $59.

Boardwalk High Hip Hoodie, Canyon Orange.  I'm obviously really digging orange right now.  This one looks a bit more rich in color, not as bright as the orange Haze and might work well for fall.  And if not, well - then we'll just see me try on a bunch of orange items in one try-on.  Available in 2 colors. On sale for $31.99, normally $89.

Salutation Stash Pocket ii 7/8 Tight, Canyon Orange.  4 colors are on sale for these and they are highly rated by all sizes when I read reviews.  Again - yikes to the original price, but for the sale price, I figure it's worth a shot (and they will hopefully match the above hoodie). On sale for $39.99, normally $98.

Sundown Sweatshirt, Magnolia Purple.  This next sweatshirt caught my eye right away.  Now on my computer screen this sweatshirt looks almost hot pink, which honestly I would be fine with (love the brights - especially when I'm intentionally being active!) - but it could come more purple, which would be ok too.  It will go with a ton of neutrals - black, navy, olive, denim, white, and beige.  I'm really hoping this one works!  On sale for $39.99, normally $69.

Ultimate Bra, D-DD+, Magnolia Purple. Just the name - "Ultimate Bra" sounds like it could hold you in - am I right?!?  Well, i'm about to give it a try.  I don't have a sports bra/top I love right now so maybe this will be the one?  On sale for $31.99, normally, $49.

Accelerate Capri, Magnolia Purple.  "Let's talk about sets, baby... let's talk about you and me..." Ah, I just can't ignore this different style of legging/pant to try when it matches the above sports bra and sweatshirt.  I think it's important to stress that I won't be keeping this all - I usually expect around 25% of my order will work out (my general success/like rate when ordering) - but wouldn't it be brand if it all did?!? On sale for $47.99, originally $79.

Warrior Longline Bra, D-DD+, Lychee Red.  This sounds intense.  "Warrior" does, am I right?  Either way, I'm here for it.  No idea if I will be when I try it on, but I like the idea of the long line option while still being a bra.  Guarded hopeful optimism is where I'd rank my expectations with this one.  On sale for $31.99, normally $54. 

Ultra High Rise Elation Crop, Lychee Red.  Because obviously I like buying things in sets, I had to try these high rise crop leggings.  On sale for $51.99 (which is still crazy high for me), normally $79.  If I keep them it will because they look fierce as heck and feel like butter.  The keep requirements will be HIGH for this pair!









Nitro Tank, Black and Victorian Berry. Available in 7 colors. Be honest, are you glad to see something on my list that's black?  Here's my thoughts on dark workout wear.  I can get these dark colors almost anywhere (no, not anywhere, because plus athletic wear is still so hard to find!) but if I am going to find it, it likely will come in black, navy and heather gray.  Because Athleta carries the full line in plus - I was pushing myself to try different colors in my order.  If you're into the "typical" dark colors, there's plenty for you too! Tanks are on sale for $11.99, normally $39.

Sutro Jacket, Black. Eeek, I hesitated to include this because it keeps going in and out of stock on the website (due to the deep discount!).  I kept refreshing and eventually had one pop up in black, size 3x.  I'm very hopeful that this one works.  I would have jumped on the green too if that would have been available, but it never popped up.  A good rain jacket was on my list for this fall and upcoming spring, so to get this one on sale was a great deal (if it works!).  On sale for $39.99, normally $139. 

Cloud Restore Top, White.  When I last looked, this was only available in 3x, but other sizes might have come back in stock.  I'm not sure how the longer length will work on me (and my hips!) but I thought it was an interesting take on an otherwise basic white tee.  On sale for $19.99, normally $59.

Farallon Garment Dye Sweatshirt, Black. A classic black sweatshirt (with no hood) is on my list of items to find.  Mine from American Eagle years ago is all pilled and frankly, not worth even their cheaper prices.  I think I was more excited about being able to shop at American Eagle as a plus size person (living out my 14 year old fantasies) that I missed the quality factor.  Anyway, even though this one is on sale, I'll be double checking quality before I decide to keep.  According to reviews, it should be great! On Sale for $28.79, normally $79.

Studio Jogger, Medieval Violet. I feel like while I'm trying the different style of athletic pants, it would be wrong (against my personal aesthetic) to not order the joggers... I mean who doesn't love a good jogger?!?  This color is a bit unique and I'm guessing the color will be different when they are in my hot little hands - but looking at the screen, I like what I see!  On sale for $51.99, normally $79.

BRACE YOURSELVES... I grabbed 3 items not on sale. JUST the 20% discount applied to these items. I know, I know.  It's a bit shocking even for me (the girl that loves the sale rack), but I felt these would be versatile and smart purchases if they worked (and one of the three doesn't even really count, you'll see why below!)

Pranayama Wrap, Medieval Violet.  I feel like this wrap sweater/sweatshirt has a cult like following.  One that makes me instantly suspicious that it won't work on my plus body - but I'm never going to know if I don't try.  There are countless colors available.  I picked the violet because as mentioned before, I'm into "sets" at the moment and it should go well with the above joggers if I keep those.  I'm cringing as I type this, because with the 20% off discount, this is $71.20, normally $89 (seriously, better basically be gold for me to keep it).

Sunrise V-Neck Sweatshirt, Enchanted Blue. This sweatshirt has me intrigued.  I think it looks more like a sweater in the pictures than a typical sweatshirt - so I'm hoping I get the style of the v-neck sweater I'm looking for, but the comfort of a sweatshirt. My freshman year of high school I had something similar to this that I swiped from my dad's closet.  My only regret for outgrowing a men's medium (way way waaaaay back in the day). With the 20% off discount, this is $55.20, normally $69.

High Cushion Performance No Show Tab Socks, White.  I'm laughing as I type this last purchase up.  I rarely wear athletic shoes, not because of the shoes - I have PLENTY of those, but because I'm the princess and the pea when it comes to socks.  I need ones that cover my heels to prevent blisters, but I don't want them SHOWING! I want ones that are comfortable, not slipping off my feet, but tight socks drive me bananas.  So here we go again, with another try - and likely fail - of socks.  Expectations are low, but I'll still review no matter what! On sale with the 20% off for $10.40 (for ONE pair, insanity) - normally $13. 


Alright, all.  Try-on will be coming up at the end of next week once this goodness gets here!  Stay tuned!  And if you grab a few things from the Athleta sale (ends on the 13th of Sept) - let me know what you grab! 

XoXo, ORM  


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