Anthropologie Gift Guide 2020 Part 1

Anthropologie Gift Guides

I started shopping Anthropologie a few years ago for gifts and special items for people because I felt like I could get something for them that they didn't have, something that would feel like was a treat, and maybe even a splurge.  Their prices are higher than the normal price point that I like to shop at, but after a few years of shopping there I've found some amazing gems and I know to always wait for a sale. 
Well - the time is NOW!  The 30% off sale has started early and this works on everything - even their new items!  I pulled more than 40 items for my #anthropologiegiftguide - so that means I'll be doing 2 parts!  Part 1 now and Part 2 will be coming tomorrow.
All shopping links are below and please know, I appreciate your support when you shop these links! These gift guides are a true labor of love and are not sponsored - so your engagement and feedback is so very appreciated! If you're into earthy and/or boho vibes - stay tuned for tomorrow morning, it's going to be equally as good!
All shopping links are posted on the ORM Main Page - Link found in my profile. Please know, I appreciate your support! These gift guides are a true labor of love and are not sponsored - so your engagement and feedback is so very appreciated! If you're into earthy and/or boho vibes - stay tuned for tomorrow morning, it's going to be equally as good! 
If you've followed me for awhile, you know I'm obsessed with #anthro headbands!  These new velvet ones look divine.  I have one in my cart to try - and the discount makes them a great price (these are the ONLY kind of headband I'll wear!) 
A weighted eye mask that helps relieve pressure, stays put and helps with sleep.  Alright, sounds like a game changer to me! It comes in pink and gray.  I have one of these in my cart and I'm hoping on days when a bad migraine hits or I have a hard time sleeping, I'll be able to find relief.
Sleeping eye mask - awesome price! 
Shearling slippers that come in tons of fun colors and have a rubber tread bottom - I'm thinking winter time must! 
These recipe tins are the best.  I have 2 of them and I store receipts in one and manicure items in the other - haha, no recipes up in here! 
A gorgeous and unique gold candle holder for under $20!  yesss! 
This cheese plate reminds me of my sister.  She used to collect geodes and always wanted to stop into those rock stores on vacation when we were kids.  Now, I'm a big cheese person and I love a good charcuterie board - so this looks perfect for one of us! 
Oh my goodness - the aprons at Anthropologie are just gorgeous.  I loved this one especially because of all the detail and the fabric really is multi-seasonal. 
I have a new pie dish on my wish list from the boys (and by that I mean, it's in my cart currently because Santa shops for Santa, right?). We make cinnamon rolls once a weekend and I've decided a pretty dish like this to do it in is the perfect addition to my kitchen shelves! 
I feel like I've featured these bust planter heads a number of times, but I NEED to - they are that good!  I have both of them and they are just so pretty.  They are stunning to give as gifts - especially when paired with a succulent or small 4 inch plant (I have my silver pothos in mine and it's doing great!) 
The dish towels at Anthro are adorable.  I have 2 floral ones like this from the last 2 years and they make doing dishes or cleaning up the kitchen feel glamorous - at least for a minute. 
Good Genes by Sunday Riley is a product I've had on my personal wishlist all year long.  I think this is the sale for me to finally pull the trigger.  Amazing reviews and it should pair nicely with my daily moisturizer and vit C routine I do currently. 
This rose quartz face roller I received as a gift last Christmas and it's amazing.  I store mine in a small bag in the fridge and anytime I feel stressed or have sinus pressure or a headache, I roll my face and neck with this and it is such a treat. 
I grabbed a wicker tray just like this earlier this year and I have used it as a mail drop spot, a centerpiece with a pitcher of flowers, a smores tray, and even thought about hanging it on my wall with my other baskets.  What I'm trying to say is - it's multi use and purpose is a good investment and this one has a good price point to begin with! 
Supergoop! Glow Screen is my face highlighting secret!  I wear this on my face each day and not only does it protect my skin, but it highlights all the right areas (like my cheek bones) to give me a subtle glow.  I make sure to never run out of it! 
A box of teeny-tiny vintage ornaments.  Something not needed, but something I wanted and feels appropriately indulgent for 2020 (so in the cart they go!).  I just love how small, delicate and interesting they are. I think I'll decorate a small tree with them this year - because 2020 deserves something a little special! 
Plant/Floral Shears have been on my "to buy" list for awhile now.  My plants are doing well enough; I think it's time to split them and/or propagate at the end of this winter.  Before I head down that path, I wanted a good pair of shears, and these will do! 
These wall baskets come in 2 sizes.  I like the smaller one for hanging on the front door.  Fill it with greenery in the winter and faux or fresh flowers in the spring.  In the summer, I likely would do some sort of green stem.  Something different than a typical wreath! 
The book Wild Interiors is full of beauty, plant knowledge and plant care tips.  Not to mention, it's a gorgeous coffee table book too!  For those of you looking for any of those things, this is a good one to grab! 
Stud jewel earrings!  They come in multiple colors and the facets make them sparkle.  So pretty to wear with a simple sweater or top in the winter months when we don't want to fuss with other jewelry! 
Have you ever wanted to rock a hat, but the ones at typical stores like Target don't fit you?  I tried these Rancher hats from Anthropology 2 years ago and was sold!  I have 3 now and I'm eyeing this neutral color next! 
And finally, to round out the #Anthrogiftguide Part 1 - a candle that smells as good as fresh oatmeal cookies taste.  This candle is absolutely scrumptious - as are the other flavors offered.  A great gift for family or yourself, your call! 
Let me know what you see that works for you or someone you plan to give to!
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