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Being a week out from Christmas, some of us might be feeling the pressure to get things wrapped up (quiet literally)!  I know I am.  I'm always looking for fun and cute ideas for stocking stuffers, gifts for girlfriends, teachers, or self-care items to include in a gift basket of beauty favorites that most people wouldn't buy for themselves this time of year.  I also happen to fill my own stocking each year (Moms, ya hear me?!?) and after all the other shopping is done, and everyone else is taken care of, I like to indulge a bit by treating myself to some fun and new beauty finds. 

When pulling my suggestion list together, I tried to keep in mind if the item was readily available at Target (their curbside pick-up is saving my shopping life right now as I'm still trying to avoid in-person shopping!) and that the price point was within reason.  Most of these products I have and love and can't wait for you to enjoy them too!
Target currently has a sale for $10 off a $30 personal care/beauty purchase.  That sale, paired with the other deals on these products, makes this list a perfect time to grab a few items for yourself using my favorite button of the season - the "Add to Cart" button!
Let's start off by getting clean:
  • Olay Cleansing and Nourishing Body Wash paired with the Olay Rinse Off Body Conditioner is the best defense I've found to keep dry winter skin at bay.  I am very sensitive to scents and most products like this, but I've used both of these for over a year now and have never had a problem.  My skin feels amazing from using them both as part of my daily routine.
  • If you're a bath kind of person, this Bath Bomb that is soothing (and non-irritating) to your skin!
  • I love a good deep clean on my hair.  Something that takes me back to ground zero with no build up or residue left after any product use.  My normal wash can do this if I take the time to do a double wash, but about once every week or two, I like to detox my hair and use this scalp scrub by Nexxus.  It's gentle enough that I have no issue using it on my scalp or hair! 
  • When I've bothered to wear makeup (currently happening on average 2-3 times a week thanks to quarantine), I like to use these gentle and mild make-up remover cloths before washing my face.  
  • For daily washing of my face, I use 2 products and have for years that don't irritate my sensitive skin.  One is a Clinique face wash (not available at Target) but the Olay gentle foaming cleanser  is and it's only $5.  The one linked with the pump is my favorite so I can wash easily at the sink at night and not get water everywhere!
  • Let me be clear, I'm done shopping in the baby aisle.  Done, done, done!  But I still head down that aisle to grab this lotion for myself.  It's unscented, lightweight moisture that works for my very sensitive skin and is the last and maybe most important step in my daily get clean products.
Middle age woman with freckles and pale skin wearing false lashes in a selfie styled picture.
False Lashes, Concealer, Mascara, Blush Stick and Eyeshadow Palette pictured here.
Daily Makeup Vs. Glam Makeup:
I feel like I'm operating in two extremes.  Done up or all makeup takes a hiatus from my life for days.  There seems to be no in between.  This has led me to experiment a bit with my choices over the last 9-10 months and I've found some great products!
  • For mascara, I use this volumizing kind because my lashes are essentially non-existent on their own.  And maybe it all this together time at home or my need for a change, but those magnetic eyelashes I tried on IG last week are available at Target.  Not an everyday look, but one that's fun to try! (Yes, I've ordered a second set because I hacked the first one!)
  • For lips, I seem to be gravitating to be a light color building sheer lipstick or a full on red lip that I think is pretty easy to apply.  I use other products as well, but these are the two you can grab from target!
  • Next up are my ride or die makeup brushes by EcoTools.  I would put these up against any of the expensive ones (and have!) any day!  These sets are all under $10 and could easily be sold for 4x's the cost! I have them all and they make my makeup go on (and stay on) amazingly well.  Double Ended Duo Eye Brush Set  is the one I keep in my travel makeup bag. This set of 5 brushes comes with larger brushes and a few smaller ones and is a great intro set.  Finally, if you have someone in your life that wants to try different eye looks, this 5 piece defined eye kit is so easy to work with (and pairs really well with my next recommendation!) 
  • Eye shadow, highlighter and bronzer, while pretty, is often something I pass up because my eyes and skin are so sensitive. I don't like wasting money on big palettes or products, that in the end, won't work.  I stumbled across the Physicians Formula Eye Shadow Palette this summer and now exclusively use this for my eye makeup (with the brushes mentioned above).  The highlighter palettes are some of my favorites too!  They smell like coconut and a beach getaway when you first open them!  I have both the 3 pack and the 6 pack
  • I've been using a blush stick for just over 2 years now.  I love that I can quickly swipe it on, if I'm running late, I can pop it on my lips and blend it on my cheeks with my fingers.  With the cap, it's easy to transport and keep in my travel makeup kit and has really cut down on my need for duplicate products.  I have a few, but two of my favorites can be picked up from Target and both are under $15!  They can be found here and here.
At home manis:
If you've followed me over on Instagram, you know I often talk about my love for Olive & June nail polish.  I even posted a step-by-step tutorial in my highlights if you want to check it out!  While you can't get all the awesome Olive & June products at Target, they do carry a few of my absolute favorites!  
  • First up are my top 3 color recommendations: AW, HD, CV.  
  • You'll want to make sure and grab a top coat while you're at it too to make sure those manis stay chip free!  
  • And finally, their cuticle serum, that I now use on all our hands (yes, even the boys) is the most amazing product!  No mess, just awesome looking nails and hands.
  • If you struggle with keeping a steady hand while painting your nails, many people like the poppy tool from Olive & June.  I personally don't need it (I've been doing my own nails forever) but I've heard from many women that it does help them! 
  • I also use these hand masks about once a month to deliver extra moisture when doing an at home manicure.
  • It's probably been over 2 years since I've had gel nails, but when I did and I finally decided to take them off, I didn't want to have to go back in to have them removed.  I was able to get them off myself with these wraps (I bought 2 boxes just in case any were stubborn).
Let's talk about Masks, Baby!:  
Thanks to everything that is 2020, I haven't been to a salon or spa or anything of the sort in a long time.  Someday we'll get back there.  In the meantime, I've been trying out all the best at home spa like products and have more than a few to recommend! 
  • Pedi Foot Mask that makes your feet peel 3-7 days after using it and leaves you with baby smooth skin!
  • A lip mask has been a new addition to my routine.  I can thank my face mask for that!  This product helps soothe and recondition my lips, especially when they are dry or flaky. This one I use on my at home spa nights where the first one linked is more regular use.
  • Eye masks that make it look like all your worries and cares melted away (which I know they didn't, but these work well to create the illusion and the price tag is a steal!)
  • Face Masks that deliver calming scents and soothing skin at the same time.  I'm in!  2 that I've tried and can recommend are here and here.
  • These No Yellow Hair Masks are amazing and help keep the brassy tones away while you wait for your salon to open or you're trying to stretch your appointments even longer.  Because my hair is short, I can usually get 3 full applications out of each!
Skin Care:
While you are treating yourself to everything for your at home spa, I recommend the following products: 
  • I highly recommend popping this quartz face roller in the fridge and then applying a vitamin C serum to your face and neck after a warm bath or shower.  Bonus - roller also helps when my migraines hit! 
  • I follow up the serum with a night time moisturizer.
  • This eye cream I recently added to my arsenal.  As in, I got it earlier this week with the sale.  It came highly recommended to me, so I can't speak to my personal experience just yet, I can say people are loving it! 
  • Finally, let's talk about breakouts.  Personally, I have been fortunate most of my life, and I've never really struggled too much with breaking out. But thanks to wearing my mask all the time, I have noticed I get a blemish occasionally.  I looked for a product that would treat the blemish without drying out my already too dry skin!  I found these Mighty Patches and they are awesome!  I leave one on for 12-24 hours and literally my blemish is gone the next day! If I want to wear the patches during the day, and I'm going to go out (meaning I care if people outside of my household see me), I'm able to cover the patches up with makeup using a sponge applicator and my favorite drugstore concealer (that I also use under my eyes)! 

If you grab any of these or take advantage of this great sale - let me know what you grab! Here's to all the last-minute shoppers waiting in the target drive-up lane with me.  We've got this! 

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