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 Nailfie Time Manicure with Olive and June Polish

I am feeling these winter colors so much lately (hint hint for all you #ORMWinter21 Challenge ladies ❄️ 💘 ❄️ )

I'll be back to show you the sweater tonight once I get my end of semester grading finally submitted (almost there, almost...) 🙌🏻 but I couldn't wait to show you the nail color you all voted on in stories on Instagram yesterday - Nailfie Time by Olive & June is downright stunning. You picked right, that's for sure! It's the perfect bright pick me up to get me through these last few papers.

I have a code I can share that will get you $10 off of your first purchase AND Olive & June is giving away a free topcoat and free HD (white) nail polish today when you spend $40 (those 2 products are $8 each). Free shipping too! It really is a great deal!

The pedicure kits are amazing and my newest favorite product of theirs (yes, I have them all) would be the "dry-drops". Dries your nails in less than a minute and a half. Totally smudge proof and ready for bed. The best product out there for late night manicurists like myself.

My link for $10 off is (Works on first time purchase!). I have just about every color - so let me know if you have any questions!

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