ORMWinter21 Details and a Sneak Peek!

Capsule Wardrobe ORMWinter21

Today, we are one week out from the #ORMWinter21 Challenge materials being released and our private style community opening up for those that have registered for the challenge.  I wanted to take some time to explain what the challenge is for those of you that may be new around here or for people that missed the chance to participate last fall!

Your registration in the #ORMWinter21 Challenge includes access to 3 different wardrobe capsules, ALL body positive and size inclusive (sz 0-26+).  Each capsule lays out how to use 20-25 pieces in your closet (shoes included!) to make at least 15 outfits (it's actually MANY more) giving you a total of 45+ size inclusive outfits to pick from using all 3 capsules.

The three capsules are called the Athleisure Capsule, the Teacher Capsule and the Office Capsule.  I make each visual layout using pieces that are available in plus sizes, because if we can find it in plus - we can find it in straight sizes!  I firmly believe being included is important and so often, plus size women are an afterthought when it comes to style or fashion.  As someone that has been plus size all her life, there have been many times I've felt like my size was tacked on to an apparel line or style guide so brands can SEEM inclusive.  Meanwhile, it's very clear , women size 14+ are not included or thought of by the way the clothes are cut, selected or shown.  My goal in providing this size inclusive style resource, is to give visual representation to plus size women and make sure we all feel comfortable to participate in the style we so deserve.  Don't worry straight size friends, there are plenty of examples and links for you too!

The Athleisure Capsule is what I would consider comfy loungewear/athletic looking outfits.  The clothes you might wear on the weekend when you are around your house, running a quick errand or doing something active outside with your family.  The goal of this capsule is to give you a pulled together look, one or two steps above wearing your pjs or scrubs all the time!  What we found during the fall challenge, was this is where many women wanted or needed to "up" their style game.  2020 has done strange things to all of us, but I think many of us found we had very few comfy clothes that were still appropriate to wear out and about.

The Teacher Capsule is also appropriate for the work-from-home mom or the stay-at-home mom.  Jeans ARE included in this capsule, because I'm hopeful if you are a teacher or you work in education, with everything happening this year, your district allows you to wear jeans!  But, just in case they don't, the Office Capsule is included in your registration so you can easily sub navy slacks for dark denim ankle jeans for example.  The Teacher Capsule has you looking pulled together and styled, but still approachable and fun.  The outfits can easily be dressed up or down changing out the accessories (you are given many suggestions on how to do this) to make sure the capsule works for you.  Out of the 3 capsules, the Teacher Capsule is the most versatile.

Finally, we have the Office Capsule.  I spent the first 15 years of my career working in an office environment.  I learned quickly where to shop for stylish, office appropriate clothes, with keeping a budget in mind (I was in education after all!).  Many women that use the Office Capsule for their daily outfit inspiration find they have most of the core pieces in their closets and are able to add a few unique capsule items or accessory items to give their wardrobe a new and fresh feeling.  So while the Athletic Capsule may be rocking a zip up hoodie for the day, and the Teacher Capsule has a boyfriend cardigan styled, the Office Capsule would have you looking in your closet for a sweater blazer to complete your look and truly elevate your style.  

In case you want to shop a bit outside of your closet, you will receive shopping lists with multiple suggestions and shopping links provided per capsule piece, BUT I fully encourage women to shop their closets!  My hope is that by participating in the #ORMWinter21 Challenge, you feel like someone has taken the stress out of shopping for you and has relieved the dreaded feeling of having nothing to wear when you get dressed each day!

Registration is open for the #ORMWinter21 Challenge until January 8th, but our private style group opens and the style guides with all 3 capsules are sent out on December 27th. $30 is the cost of registration (a 33% savings compared to buying the capsules individually) and it comes with the added bonus of an interactive, supportive style community to engage with each day.  Click here to register

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about registering for the upcoming #ORMWinter21 Challenge.  I'll be sharing more on the ORM Instagram and Facebook pages in the coming weeks too - so make sure you are following along!  I can't wait to start the 2021 year off with body positive style with each of you! 

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