Plus Size Athleisure Try On Part 2

plus size athleisure try on with one real momma onerealmomma from nike madewell athleta and universal standard

A few weeks ago, I placed a large order from Athleta and did a full try on over on my Instagram page.  You can see what I originally ordered in Part 1 here.  Once I found a few pieces I loved, the bar was set high for style, quality and comfort and I went in search of more things that checked my athleisure wardrobe goals. 

For this try on, I branched out and ordered a few things from Universal Standard, Athleta, Nike and Madewell. I'm wearing a 3x in Athleta, 3x in Madewell, Size 10 in Nike and XL for Universal Standard items for this try on. Let's get started!

athelta warrior long line plus size sports bra and universal standard plus size bike shorts in black athleisure try on with one real momma

If you remember from Part 1 of my try on, the sports bra I ended up liking the most was this one from Athleta.  I went back and ordered it in black too knowing how much I liked wearing the red one!  I wanted to see if the black bra would work as a "set" by pairing it with my Bike Shorts from Universal Standard (I prefer this pair of shorts over the Athleta ones I tried on during part 1 of the try on).  I love how this "set" came together!  The fabrics aren't an exact match, but they are very close and read the same when they are on.  Most importantly, these bike shorts have LARGE pockets on each side of the shorts (a complaint I had about the Athleta ones) and are high rise/don't roll down.

madewell balloon sleeve plus size sweatshirts in evergreen try on with one real momma

Let's call this my early fall weekend wardrobe - because I love it! This balloon sleeve sweatshirt is ridiculously comfortable and there is NO fuzzy lining (a criteria for me so I don't get too hot). It comes in 3 colors and in straight sizes and plus sizes!  I have the other 2 colors on their way to me now.  It's on sale - so I'm not sure how long this will last!

Madewell matching sweatsuit with balloon sleeve sweatshirt and sweatpants plus size try on with onerealmomma one real momma matching jogger set

Alright, I can't even explain to you how happy it makes me to finally find a plus size matching jogger / sweatshirt set as a plus size woman that doesn't look frumpy or skin tight. This.Is.It.  These sweatpants are also now on sale and come in 3 colors.  I ordered another pair and they are on the way to me in dark gray now too!  Straight size can be found here.

Nike Women's React Escape Run Shoes size 10 try on with one real momma onerealmomma

Hey girl, hey. Let's all just stop a minute and appreciate the CUTENESS of these running shoes!  I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot and these shoes feel supportive, light and comfortable for me to wear for extended periods of time.  They come in MULTIPLE colors or prints - but right now, I found this leopard print style that I looooove - on sale!  Limited sizes (5 and 6, or 11 and 12) can be found here for $60.  And then all sizes, 5-12 can be found here for $80 (the discount is applied once you add them to your cart).  They were originally $100 and I felt they were well worth it at that price! My foot is not regular width, but it's also not always wide width - these fit comfortably in my normal size 10 and likely would for most feet unless your foot is extra wide.

athleta plus size try on cropped leggings and long line tank with one real momma onerealmomma

Back to Athleta for these 2 pieces.  This top is Conscious Crop top and is so good!  It has a supportive shelf bra underneath that keeps your boobs in place, but then is longer so it meets the top of the high rise capri leggings. Basically, it's a mix between a sport bra and a tank top.  Because my chest is different sizes on each side, the tank top was giving me a strange side boob moment on my larger side, but I don't think most people would have this problem (this is common for me because I'm a C+ on one side and a DD on the other).  It comes in multiple colors - I'm wearing it in Medieval Violet here.

Next up are these Ultra High Rise Elation Capri leggings.  These are the same style as the red ones I ordered and loved from part 1. I'm wearing them here in the color Tempest Violet in the 3x.  I really like how these capris fit and the high waist doesn't roll down.  There are no pockets other than one at the back of the waist band, so keep that in mind if you are a must have pockets person! 

plus size athleta try on with one real momma onerealmomma

I ordered this short sleeve sweatshirt tee to pair with these capris - both in the color tempest violet.  The sweatshirt tee feels like butter!  No fuzzy lining.  In fact, it feels more like a thicker, silky teeshirt.  It's hard to explain, but the fabric is very comfortable.  It fits well, however, for me, these 2 paired together makes me think pajamas or scrubs.  I'm on the fence if I'll be keeping both - I'm asking you all to vote over on Instagram stories later today to help me decide.

teal cooper joggers from universal standard try on athleta long line sports bra plus size try on with onerealmomma one real momma 

Next up, I grabbed these Cooper Joggers from Universal Standard that I've been eyeing for a few months.  They are ridiculously expensive compared to what you would normally pay for a pair of joggers, but I have a few other colors that I've collected over the last year and I know they hold up to just about anything.  I've gotten rid of any of my cheap pairs since these came into my life!  They feel like a legging, but are cut like a slim jogger and feel like BUTTAH!  The fabric is great year round and I just love this teal color so much!  Universal Standard goes from size 00-40, so I like shopping this size inclusive brand whenever I can.  In the picture, I'm trying the joggers on with the athleta long line bra mentioned earlier. 

next to naked N2N tank top from universal standard plus size try on with one real momma onerealmomma

Sorry for the change in lighting - the little friend in the picture (Bentley, our 13 year old Morkie) came and got me for a potty break and by the time I got back, the sun had gone behind some clouds.  

Anyway - last but not least is this Next to Naked tank top from Universal Standard in deep teal.  This is the first one of these tanks that I have tried and I'm a HUGE fan!  I have one of their body suits in this style and while I love it, the 2 piece option makes a lot more sense to me for simple things, like going to the bathroom.  This tank top is smooth, conforming without being tight, has adjustable straps and is a great color!  Other colors are available and are now officially on my wishlist! I'll likely grab Navy and Black next!

That's it for this part 2 of the plus size athleisure try-on.  Make sure to check out my stories today to catch the videos of these items being tried on.  I'll likely have more athleisure things to share once the weather turns cold and I'm looking to bundle up more - but for now, I'm going to enjoy my comfortable athleisure wear while it's still the weekend!



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