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Athleisure Capsule Wardrobe Old Navy ORMWinter21 Universal Standard

Old Navy is one of the stores I turn to when I'm wanting to up my plus size loungewear game.  The type of clothes I can be comfy, active or lounge in, but still around the kids (so there is a good chance of getting messy). With all of us in our family continuing to work and learn from home for the next 6+ months, I've made sure to pay attention to the holes in my wardrobe that would fit the "Athleisure" category AND knowing so many other women are in the same boat, I included an Athleisure Capsule Wardrobe for our ORMWinter21 Challenge.  Registration is open until this Friday, January 8th and includes 25 pieces that let you mix and match to make countless outfits to wear throughout the 2 months with our group! You can Register Here!

Many women have messaged me saying "I am at home with the kids now 100% of the time and no longer going into the office" or "I work from home and as long as I look presentable, anything goes for clothes on my zoom meetings".   Let me tell you - I hear you!  We're in the exact same boat here and as each season comes around, I make sure I have a few pieces I look forward to grabbing in my wardrobe on those those rushed or cold/cozy mornings.  A requirement for me (and the ORMWinter21 Athleisure Capsule I planned) is that ALL tops must go with leggings or joggers!  If you want to sub jeans or other pants - great!  More power to you!  But for me, it doesn't count as comfy and athleisure if it's not something to pair with leggings or joggers.

A quick note about the one downside of Old Navy Plus Size line - if you see it and you like it, you have to grab it!  All too often their plus line sells out of colors, sizes or styles.  I'm not sure if more plus people are buying online from them  (doubtful) OR if they have less to offer for inventory, but either way - it explains how I ordered these pieces 2 weeks ago, and some of the colors have now sold out.  Sorry about that!  The good news, they are still available, but I've noted if they are now in different colors.

All tops and jackets tried on are Old Navy.  The leggings I'm wearing in the pictures are my Roya Leggings from Universal Standard, size XL.  For size reference, I'm normally a 24/26 in plus sizes.  I'm 5'4".  My inseam is 27.5 inches and I wear a 42DD. I most often wear 3x, but in Old Navy I tend to size up in tops to allow for some shrinkage (I dry my clothes - gasp!) and good legging/butt coverage!  Let's get started!  

Click the picture or here to shop the top.

This sweater could easily be upgraded beyond loungewear as well!


Plan to size up in this one, it was clingy with a bit of static.

Love this color!  It should carry well into spring too. 


My personal preference would be to size up on this one.  I'll reorder to try again.

This seemed a bit too long on my 5'4" frame, but sherpa was awesome.
Sizing down didn't change the length.

Love this jacket so much!

Layered easily with this thin hoodie pictured earlier, but size up if you want to layer with thick sweaters or sweatshirts.

And in an effort to normalize the returns that come with online shopping, I'm sharing my return pile from this one order!  Remember, there is NO shame in ordering multiple sizes to find what works for you.  Just make sure to return pieces that are not a for sure YES!  We deserve to dress our bodies confidently and well. With most retailers not following similar cuts or sizing for plus, it means we must try, try and then try again before getting it right.  For this order, I ordered 16 items and I'm keeping 4.  That sounds like my usual "keep" rate (25-30%).   IF stores carried our sizes in store, I may be able to avoid these orders, but they don't.  So you do what ya gotta do! When I place large orders, I know I will return anything and everything that is just an "ok" piece - I never settle - and neither should you! 

With love from the at-home dressing room,

(PS - Old Navy returns are free by mail through USPS or UPS within 45 days of receiving your shipment.  The staff at our UPS store know me well (and LIKE me) even with all my returns - promise! )

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