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Review of simple and clean beauty brands including supergoop! Ilia Jones Road Beauty Origins Kosas and Target Drugstore products

Simple/Clean beauty and skincare recommendations.

I recently pulled together a list of some clean beauty brands I've been trying over the last 3-12 months.  I just placed an order at Jones Road Beauty for the first time last week (still waiting for that shipment to arrive) - so stay tuned for that review!  

Supergoop! It’s honestly amazing! It's also 20% off right now with code Summer20 at checkout! (they run this sale a few times a year - these are stock-up prices!)
  • My favorites are unseen screen (works as a makeup primer too!), glow screen (I tend to wear this without any face makeup, it’s slightly tinted), Play spray (for the kids) and Sunny stick for the kids (sold out on the website, but available at Sephora). I’m ordering glow screen body and glow stick to try this time too! Their Touch up powder is great during the day over makeup - usually a mid-day reapplication!  I keep this travel set in my purse at all times - all year round as a back-up! It’s come in handy so many times.
Ilia  This brand is great! The few products I’ve tried, I’ve really really enjoyed. I need to stagger how much I buy at once so I can give everything a fair review, so I’m linking only the things I’ve tried here or the ones currently in my cart - I’ll share more as I try more.
  • If I could afford it, I would hand this concealer out on the street to strangers. It’s SERIOUSLY the best I’ve ever tried. I wear Suma 1.5c. It’s creamy, blends SO well and is hydrating (something I desperately need for my under eye!) I also use it to cover 2 large dark spots on my face left over from my pregnancies.
  • I switched to this mascara about 3 months ago and it has seriously helped my irritated eyes. It’s not sweat or cry proof - but I do my best not to sweat while wearing makeup and generally keep the crying to a minimum. Another thing I like, it comes off without any harsh soaps or products, keeping my sensitive eyes happy! 
  • I very rarely wear foundation. RARELY. But I tried this and actually liked it! When I do wear it, I grab for this one - very easy to apply and blends out really well. I wear shade Texel SF3.
  • In my cart to try next is this hydrating lip balm and this color haze that can be used on lips and cheeks. 
Kosas  (If you go through this link, you save $10 off your first purchase of $35!) Everything is 20% off right now on their site.  I ordered one of everything from the sample kit to give everything a try (only $35 right now, and you can use that $35 as a credit towards a future purchase - so as long as you buy one thing, it’s worth it). I also ordered their brow gel, grow pencil and setting powder. 
  • My favorite products I tried were the lip oil. It’s the first lip oil I’ve tried that didn’t feel slick and gross, wasn’t sticky, and actually stayed on and hydrated for an extended period of time (4ish hours with talking and drinking and some mask wearing). 
  • I also tried this creamy duo combo of cheek color and highlighter. I really like both and it was nice to use 2 variations in color and blend. The creamier the better and it kept my skin looking dewy with a glow without looking like I was wearing makeup!
  • Finally, I really liked this bronzer. It comes in 3 colors and it wasn’t shimmery, just a nice warm (not orange) bronze. It was subtle enough that it looked very natural and took very little blending! 
  • I give this whipped body cream as a gift ALL THE TIME - it’s GOOD! Very spa like.
  • I use this lotion all year long, but especially in the fall and winter. It keeps my dry skin away and smooth - even when I’m SUPER dry! A slight smell when it goes on (almost medical, hard to describe) but it fades within 30 seconds. I am very sensitive to smells and it doesn’t bother me, but its not truly unscented at the beginning.
  • My favorite hand cream - one by the bed, one in my purse (slightly scented).
  • This Renewal Serum is so gentle and soft and soothing. I started using this when I first started getting into taking better care of my skin and it was a wonderful, gentle way to start with a serum that I used between a cleanser and daily moisturizer.
  • This coralberry gel blush is so great. I’ve used one small tube for 2 years. One dot per cheek per day that I wear makeup and it’s the perfect rosey pop of color! 
  • You can grab a small travel set right now at Ulta for a GREAT deal (only $13) of 3 great products from the Origins line - face wash, moisturizer and brightening eye cream! I started with a set similar to this and it was a great intro to the brand.
Jones Road Beauty
  • This is Bobbi Brown’s new line of clean makeup and skin care (she sold her old line and has not been affiliated with it for years). She is all about effortless, approachable, everyday makeup. This stuff is expensive (no kickbacks, rewards, etc that I’ve seen yet for purchasing). I went ahead and ordered a bunch of this for my “birthday” so I’ll keep you all posted on what works and what doesn’t!  
Target has a great selection of “clean” makeup brands. I’m going to list a few that I’ve tried and liked that you can easily get in store.
  • You all know I’m a DIE HARD Olive & June fan! Their nail polish can be picked up at target (not all colors, but the original colors). And it’s clean!  If you don’t have one of their manicure or pedicure sets yet, I can’t recommend them enough. If you go through the Olive & June website to buy any mani/pedi system and use code MELISSAF20 - you’ll save 20% off your first purchase of a system set! 
  • Physicians Formula Bronzer is amazing - and smells like a dream. It has a slight shimmer to it - so know that going in.
  • This Wet N’ Wild tinted hydrator is all the rage right now and is a dupe for high end products - when I checked, it was listed as “clean’ at target and only $5!
  • E.L.F. brow pencils and eyeshadow palettes are great! And super cheap too.
  • Milani Make It Last primer and setting spray is clean and one that works very well!
  • NYX lip pencils are a great way to put a base down on your lip to have color stay put OR use on their own with a bit of gloss on top. The lip pencils are clean and cheap!

I hope you found this clean beauty review helpful!  There are certainly more products and brands than the ones I've mentioned to try - but for now, this is what I have to share.  I'll keep you posted as I continue to sample, try and rotate in new clean products to my beauty and skincare line-up!


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