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 Spring family maternity shoot outfit examples.
(All adult outfits were offered in plus sizes as well)

How many times do you think about scheduling family photos but then find yourself putting it off for a number of reasons?  Maybe it's not knowing what photographer to go with, maybe it's the cost of the photoshoot session, maybe it's the idea of wrangling your entire crew into something other than sweatpants to pull together a somewhat cohesive look while you stand quietly in the background doing your parental song and dance trying to make sure people bring at least a half smile... Or maybe you would rather not take the pictures because you have personal goals that you'd like to accomplish first (that's another topic for another day...) 

For me, I feel like each year (or two) when I decide it's time to get our pictures done, I not only have to prepare myself by coordinating it all - I also have to prepare to have one of the most convincing conversations with my family to make sure they "buy in" before I book the session and start planning.  Because let's be honest, it's an investment!

 Photo taken by our super talented photographer Lindsay McGowan, 2019

Now that our boys are older, we get our pictures taken about once every 2 years.  But when they were younger, we were doing it every 9-12 months.  My husband of course thought this was excessive - and it might have been, but trust me, I love the pictures of those ages.  We have gorgeous photos capturing the most genuine smiles all while I know looking at the photo that the child was on their 7th pack of fruit snacks or his adorable "rosy" cheeks are only there because of the epic meltdown that happened 5 minutes beforehand.  When they were babies, I not only had our family outfits ready to go, I made sure I had a coordinating back-up outfits packed in the van too because it never failed... someone always had a blowout.  ALWAYS! 

Photo Credit: Lindsay McGowan, 2017

Having talked to some of my photographer connections, they are telling me they are booked more than ever this year (already!).  It's likely because we are all coming out of a year of hibernation - so maybe photos were missed last year.  Maybe we want to celebrate the moments that we DO have (or want to make).  Or maybe it's all those quarantine babies and the subsequent sessions that start happening 9-12 months later!  Whatever the reason, I wanted to help by giving you all examples of Spring Photo Styling and one recent example that lets you shop and prep for your upcoming spring photos too (shown below).  

Photo Credit: Lindsay McGowan, 2016

I can't help you find the right photographer in your area (our awesome one is linked above).  I can't help with the investment (aka cost) of those photos.  I also can't help get the pouts off of faces by dancing in the background to turn them to giggles... BUT I can help take the stress out of planning your family outfits by taking that one item off your to-do list!  Below are some examples of photoshoot outfits I've styled recently.  Links to each of these services is listed under each image.


Spring coordinated children's outfit styling example. 


Spring coordinated newborn photo styling - parent outfit example.
(Both parent outfits were offered in plus sizes as well) 


Spring coordinated engagement session outfit example.
(All outfits were offered in plus sizes as well)

 Spring senior portrait session outfit example.
(All outfits were offered in plus sizes as well)


Spring 2021 Family Photo Session outfit examples - you can shop below!
Mom option is offered in plus size.


And last but not least, I wanted to give you one example I put together this past weekend that includes current links for a family of 5 (pictured above) for you to use for your spring photos!  These exact outfits or colors might not work for you, but they may be a jumping off point for your outfit planning.  And of course, if you need help, I'm available to give that to you with each of my photo session styling packages.  With these packages I make sure each outfit is selected to work with each person's body type and measurements.  That the items pictured are in stock and that they can get to you quickly via shipping or they are available locally for you to pick up at a store near you. And finally, I also make sure that the look of your outfits works with the look of your photo location by sending you a pre-style questionnaire to fill out in advance of us working together. 

Specific outfit sources from my Spring 2021 Family Photo Styling Example are linked below!

 Checkered Button Down Shirt / Green Tee / Tan Slim Leg Chinos / 
Cognac Belt / All White Sneaker

Make sure to reach out if you need or want help styling your photos - but the most important thing to remember is to TAKE THE PHOTOS!  You and your family are worth it!


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