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3 various outfit examples from the ORM Winter 21 Style Challenge

Happy Friday and even better, Happy NEW YEAR! 🙌 I shared my wish for 2021 with all of you yesterday and today, I wanted to invite you to join the #ORMWinter21 Challenge to take a new and fresh look at your style for the year.  The ORMWinter21 Challenge is a style group that is centered on self love, self care, and body acceptance ❤️

So far, almost 100 women have joined the ORMWinter21 Challenge! It's been inspiring to see how ALL sizes are represented in the group and how quickly people are getting to know one another. 3 separate style guides and wardrobe capsules (20-25 items each) are provided to group members that allow each person to mix and match her wardrobe pieces to make sure her capsule works for her and her life! It will also likely encourage you to look at your current closet pieces in new, exciting and fresh ways.
Representation and size inclusion matters.  Feeling seen and worthy are two of the most important feelings I hope to offer with membership in our group.  Our past 2020 participants have shared this was one of the biggest highlights throughout past challenges. 
All challenge materials, outfit suggestions and visual layouts are made using plus size clothing (14-26+) but we are size inclusive to include straight sizes as well!  The three capsules include 1) The Teacher/Work from Home Capsule 2) The Office Style Capsule and 3) The Athletic/Loungewear capsule.  Each capsule was built so women can mix and match between them so it can better fit their lives.   
The "Challenge" of what we're doing is not to wear crazy, super trendy or expensive things. Instead, the "Challenge" is to put the effort and love back into ourselves, no matter what our clothing size is or how our current life looks, just as we extend that same kind of love and care for so many others each day. Women from all over the country (and Canada too!), from all walks of life are participating.   In the Challenge, I strongly encourage women to shop their closets but also provide a wide range of shopping links for each size and each capsule item to make it easier for women to add a few key pieces to their wardrobe if they wish to do so.
In the private style group we share sales and deals, talking about how we're shopping our closets, and of course we  talk about the "fit" of different brands and other style questions in our small group live chats (one of the most fun parts of joining our group).  Many women in the group are transitioning back into some sort of "in person" version of their lives in the upcoming month and they've shared that the outfits in the capsules feel attainable - classic - and feel put together.   
In the coming week, I'll be sharing group member's thoughts and feedback about participating in a challenge. Their excitement and willingness to jump in and participate is downright inspiring! 
You can register through January 8th to join this group of body positive women, all learning how to dress and LOVE their unique bodies, while developing a sense of community through shared support with my styling help.
Feel free to send me a message if you'd like more information, or head to the registration page to join!  I'd love to see you there ❤

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