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Graphic tee styled with white jeans and a green utility jacket for spring with onerealmomma

This week for #ORMStyleMeSunday a graphic tee was randomly selected from the suggestions submitted by you all over on Instagram.  There are SO many options for graphic tees this season. You'll see, I've linked many of them below.  I really am drawn to the lighter colors for graphic tees because they feel like spring to me, look fresh and new, and pair well with just about any color bottom.  That pairing is something I'm always looking for when I buy something new.  Versatility is key to making your wardrobe work for you! 

Over the last few weeks, people have also asked me to style green utility jackets and white jeans (both closet staples for me this time of year). You'll find I took care of those 2 requests with this outfit too! I've linked multiple options for each below, especially the green utility jacket.  These jackets are a 3 season jacket for me that can be styled multiple ways, meaning it's a piece I work hard to find the correct fit and style and I'm willing to invest in it (although there are multiple budget friendly options listed).

I tried to add some spring fun into this outfit by popping in bits of color in unexpected places with the earrings, stack of bracelets and white sneakers with small colorful details.  The texture and neutral color of the bag helps ground the outfit and makes it versatile to carry throughout spring.  This drawstring bag/backpack style is one I keep seeing pop up and I'm liking it!  

If you submitted a suggestion and your entry wasn't picked yet - keep submitting them every Sunday in my stories over on Instagram!  I'll get to them, I promise!  Each option listed is size inclusive - something I feel is SO important with style options.  I think we all should be able to rock the same, cute - adorable looks!

Finally - a quick note about some exciting news: Stay tuned this coming week for the ORMSpring21 Capsule release!  I'm going to be creating 20 outfits using closet staples for spring and will have it available for each of you here on the website!  I can't wait for you all to see it.

Have a great week, everyone!



Graphic Tees
Green Utility Jacket
White Jeans
White Sneakers with a Pop of Color
Bucket Style Bag
Colorful Resin Earrings
Colorful Bracelet Stack
Dark Sunglasses

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