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Sustainable mother's day gift ideas by onerealmomma
Every year around this time of year, I put together a few gift guides that are curated just for us!  I usually do these by theme, not by store, to give more variety.  I double checked with all of you through one of my recent Instagram polls, and you agreed - by topic or theme was how you wanted them organized.  In an attempt to do something a little different this year and stretch myself beyond my normal shopping habits, I thought I'd put together a Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Guide!  This was inspired by my 6 year old telling everyone it's Earth Day (it was yesterday) for the last week.  When we talked about the day, he mentioned he would like the planet to last until he's at least 100 ;-) When I asked him what happens after that - he quickly replied that was up to everyone else.  He was guessing he'd make it to 100 or 101.  He's my realist with a big imagination and a healthy dose of wit (just like his dad!).  In moments like our conversation yesterday, I'm reminded how thankful I am to have his little voice and thoughts throughout my day! 

I've broken the links I'm sharing down by type.  To make any of these ideas a super cute sustainable gift, you could reuse a gift bag you already have - recycle paper bags for wrapping paper (have the kids draw on them, draw on them yourself - or get some stamps out and go to town!) or find a fun scarf in your collection you don't wear all that often and wrap up the items by tying the ends together to make a beautiful pulled together package.  I'm sure something in your home could be re-used and repurposed to present the gift!
First up are the sustainable Kitchen Items I found.  There were so many to pick from, but I went for ones that jumped out at me or that I thought were a good value / interesting idea.  I hope you agree!

Bees Wrap comes in so many cute prints!
Check out the three options I found:

Scent Free is how we roll in our house - which this brand carries - although they have many scented dish soap and dishwasher detergent options too!

If you have a garden, maybe you are already hip to composting?  But for those of us that aren't - this mini composting counter top bin is perfect. 
Great for our plants too! 

Reusable Kitchen Cloths can be washed up to 50 times and are biodegradable in 5-6 weeks - which is awesome! This cuts down on use of sponges and paper towels in the kitchen. I found 2 options I liked:
4 pk and 10 pk

Have you heard of these "Unpaper" paper towels I LOVE the print!

I have a few of these produce bags and love them.  Yes, you can take them to the store with you or even Farmer's Market (once it finally warms up!) but you can use them in your kitchen too to store loose veggies and fruit!

Last but not least for the kitchen are food huggers!  I love the idea of these! 
Often I'm the only one that will eat something (tomatoes or bananas for example) and then always feel so wasteful not using the entire thing.  
These would save me from that feeling!
The bathroom & laundry list was an interesting one to put together.  I'm going to get right past the awkward by starting off with the one I was most hesitant to include on the list...

A bidet.  Yes, a bidet.  My husband is clapping somewhere reading this.  He's been lobbying for a bidet for 3-4 years now - which I have continued to nix time and time again because of the previously mentioned 6 year old (in my head, it only gets used to spray walls, not butts if it were up to our youngest!).  But in my research for this gift guide I kept coming across the suggestion of a bidet being the most sustainable bathroom item because it can eliminate the need and use for toilet paper (almost entirely).  I'm still not sure if I'm sold, but if I were going to be - I'd want one that was under $125 if possible with great reviews - and that's what I found in this one from Tushy (yes, I'm giggling as I write this).  Also, shout out to Tushy - I love their website.  They are my kind of people as is apparent from their sense of humor!
Alright, now that we've got that out of the way, we can get right to the other items.  Bamboo sustainable q-tips, a highly rated no waste shampoo bar with easily recycled outer packaging (there is a highly rated conditioner bar too!), and hand soap that comes with soap tabs to mix your own soap when you run out. 
When it comes to brushing teeth, I was shocked at how long a plastic toothbrush lasts when/if it's thrown away (it doesn't end basically) so these bamboo ones are a great alternative.  Then there is sustainable dental floss picks (just like the plastic ones I currently use, but made out of bamboo) and this highly rated anti-plaque whitening toothpaste that comes in an aluminum tub avoiding all plastic! 
Finally, in the laundry room, I was shocked at what goes into making and then disposing of dryer sheets (it's what we've always used...) - so I'm linking up these wool dryer balls as an alternative along with the laundry detergent that comes from the same company that makes the hand soap mentioned above.  The tin can be re-purposed if needed and you start out with 40 tabs to use in your washing machine.  When you need a refill, they send the tabs to you in a zero footprint package! (Side note, almost very article I read said to use a dryer line, not your actual dryer, but I'll be hard pressed to go that route, we use ours for everything and the weather doesn't play nice here!)
On the go items are the ones I was probably most familiar with before researching everything for this post.  These items are the ones I see people use most often when we are out and about - so I was at least aware of them!  I think it's good to include them in the round-up because they make a nice, useable, easy gift for you or to gift to someone you know!

To get started, these net bags come in a 3 pack.  I have 2 at home and absolutely love them.  They hold so much and are not awkward at all to carry.  I use them for the boys dirty stuff - farmers market trips - and the occasional Costco haul that I drag in from the car!

Reusable dishes, bowls and lunch boxes were something I invested in heavily when I worked in the office.  With life getting back to somewhat normal in the coming months, I thought these next 3 items were great options!  A glass bowl with silicone sleeve would be great for salads. A pretty bento box always makes me want to make time to pack my lunch (I love mine in real life). And this handy ceramic bowl has a strap that keeps the lid on tight (I love this because I'm the kind of person that spills nearly everything if given the chance!)

Next are drink containers.  I feel like by now, everyone has a to-go water bottle - but I pulled these 3 examples specifically to highlight.  First is the 24oz. Takeya water bottle.  Our boys go through water bottles so fast.  They lose them, break them, and of course leave nasty stuff in them so they can never be used again.  I invested in the Takeya water bottles 6 months ago for them and they are AMAZING!  Nothing smells, they are easy to wash, easy to drink out of and refill, and they are heavy-duty enough that they don't break (our youngest has tried by his own bottle flipping game on concrete... so trust me on the no breakage thing!). 

Next up is a coffee mug that is a real drinkable size (16oz!)  I don't mess with that 10 or 12 oz business and I need one with a handle.  I like my drinks HOT - so this handle would keep me from burning my hands and still let me enjoy my cup of whatever hot drink I have for the day.

Next is the 24 oz. stainless steel tumbler with straw. These come in great colors, and even better, there are coordinating reusable straws to go with it (it comes with one, but I like the colors of the extra set too!).

I shared earlier on Instagram, that I'm picky about my "to-go" silverware.  Finding a set that is easily thrown in a to-go bag (meaning it won't fall out in my purse) and comes with actual silverware (not plastic or silicone) is important to me.  I love these and they come in plenty of fun color options! 

Finally, I think I'm late to the party on this one, but these Stasher Bags are all the rage in the sustainable world.  People use them for travel, in their purse to keep things separated, for food and snacks, to store tech gear when not in use - you name it.  I pulled them for the list thinking they'd work for snacks on the go, but really, you could use them for just about any reason!  They are highly rated on every site I checked and it seems they have a bit of a cult like following!
Back to my home base - clothing and accessories!  With this category I specifically wanted to feature some new to me brands and products that I haven't covered before.  First up, jewelry.  Able is a brand that offers handmade sustainable products.  Their bags are GORGEOUS - but one item I've always overlooked is their jewelry - until now anyway.  They are a Tennessee based company and have an amazing mission to help women out of extrodinarily tough circumstances through employment and fair wages.  This weekend they are having a 25% off site wide sale for mother's day (Code: MAMA25). This is their biggest sale of the year (the same one they generally run during their Black Friday sale) so now is a great time to take a look.  I especially liked these pearl drop hoop earrings, personalized gold cuff bracelet, gold Celine circle ring and mama double layered vista necklace.

Girlfriend Collective is an athletic wear company that goes up to a 6x (yes, you read that right, a 6x), that is not only size inclusive but also sustainable!  They make their activewear products out of recycled water bottles.  Pretty awesome, right?  Each item description will tell you the water used or saved in the making of the item, how many bottles were recycled when making it and all the other details of how they are making excellent INCLUSIVE products while still protecting the earth.  Their color lineup for spring is just gorgeous too!

Allbirds shoes offer plenty of styles for men and women.  I really liked these white slip-on shoes and how they use sustainable materials to make each pair.  The same goes for these Renew strappy sandals.  The top of the sandal (other than the sole) is made from recycled ethical materials.  

And it just feels right to end my Sustainable Gift Guide with the item I just purchased for myself and absolutely love.  If you've watched stories lately over on instagram, you know I'm obsessed with my new crossbody bag!  It fits my plus size (3x, 24/26) body with room to spare! It's a vegan leather bag that feels like BUTTAH! It comes in 7 colors and each bag comes with 2 strap variations.  I can't get over how much I love this bag and that it's made sustainably (PETA approved!) 

Well, that's it!  Hopefully you enjoyed the new take on the first #ORMMothersDay gift guide this year!  I hope to do at least one more in the coming days for you to view too - so stay tuned!


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