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Target Plus Size Try On Spring 2021 Part 1 with OneRealMomma

Target has recently released SO MANY new items for spring! I really appreciate how size inclusive the Target lines have become - it's a welcomed change compared to some stores that are taking options away (looking at you, Madewell...) I have multiple shipments coming to try on, but didn't want to wait any longer to start sharing the items and plan to keep sharing as they come in. This will likely be part 1 of 3 (or maybe 4?) parts total for my Spring '21 Plus Size Target Try-Ons - so make sure to keep checking back!

I've left sizing notes and links for each item under each of the pictures. This post is not sponsored in any way by Target.  All items were purchased by me and reviews are my own with my opinions (as always!). For reference, my current size is anywhere between a 24-26w or 3x/4x for most items.  You'll see with some of the items, I might need to size down or up depending on the cut.  My current measurements are: bust 52 inches, waist 47 inches, hips 63 inches. I'm 5'4", pear shaped, and have a 27.5 inch inseam.  Oh, and I'm a mom of two young(er) boys (one that has great lighting in his room) - hence the messy room I quickly took pics in!  Real life over here as always :P   Let's get started!

This first dress is from the Knox Rose line.  I'm wearing it in a 3x, but I've re-ordered the dress to try in a 2x.  It fit, but seemed a bit too big.  Knox Rose is new to the plus game with Target, so I was totally guessing on sizing.  I never wear this color, but I like this print for some reason (likely desperate for spring!) It comes in 2 prints and is $35. The dress also comes in straight sizes.

This red baby-doll dress is bringing my 90's teenage girl dreams to life!  I used to pine after these dresses as a teen, but stores never had them in my size (or they were much too short if I could get one on)!  That's not the case here and I'm in love with this color!  I've ordered a print version to try as well, so I'll keep you posted when that comes in during a future try-on.  The dress comes in 6 colors/prints and is only $25. 

Jean jackets are going to be big this spring (they have been the last few years as well).  I ordered 2 to try from the Universal Thread line.  This is the light wash version - on the left is the 3x and on the right is the 4x.  I prefer the 3x for sure, but if I wanted to layer bulky sweatshirts underneath, I may need the 4?  I'm going to keep the 3 because it gives me a better shape.  Plenty of room for my arms (hardest part for me to fit). Comes in light and medium wash (will be pictured later). This jacket is $30. It comes in straight sizes too, found here.

I wish this dress had worked!  Online, the color looked so vibrant and in person it's much more muted (but still pretty).  I do like the color with my eyes, so I have reordered it in a 2x to try, as the 3x is too big.  I was thinking this would work for family pics (in some glorious field of flowers...).  Y'all, I have nothing scheduled.  This is how I end up with excellent options but nowhere to wear them :P  I'm worried the 2x will be too tight in my arms, but we'll see! It does have a lining (that actually fits) so again, things could get dicey in that smaller size on the way to me.  Always worth a try though, right? It comes in 3 colors, so I may end up trying a different color as well if the 2x ends up working. This dress is $35. 

This striped dress is WAY longer on me than it is on the model.  It also says it's a swing dress in the title.  I'm going to go ahead and say that's a NOPE!  It's cut very very straight.  Thank goodness I ordered up a size to the 4x.  This is an updated version of the same dress offered last year or the year before by Target.  The differences are more substantial weight for the fabric, longer length, and the sleeves are much longer at elbow length rather than cap or normal short sleeves.  I didn't LOVE this dress on it's own - but coming up next you'll see I do enjoy it paired with a jacket.  It's only $20 and does come in solid colors as well (solid colors found here).

This is the same jean jacket as before, but in the medium wash.  Again, I prefer the 3x on the left compared to the 4x on the right.  The pockets are functional (thank the sweet lord of pockets - I can't stand jackets that have non-functioning pockets!). It's a true blue for denim if that makes sense.  There is no distressing (which is a complaint I hear often when helping people shop for denim jackets).  I prefer the light wash if I had to pick one, but that's because I already have a medium wash option ;) This jacket is $30. It comes in straight size too, found here.

Alright, girls.  Get ready.  You know all those super trendy button down shirts that are A-DOR-ABLE on straight size women and start showing up in spring/summer?  This shirt here is our plus size answer!  It fits around my hips (buttons don't pull), it's not sloppy on the top, and it looks like a straight dupe of the Madewell version for a fraction of the price (only $18!). It comes in 6 prints/colors (I'm wearing the one titled Blue) - so there's plenty to pick from! Straight size girls, it's available for you too, here! The jeans are also from Target, the Ava & Viv line in a size 24w, but are no longer available online as of this past week.  I have ordered a few more to try on so I can direct you to ones that are currently available.  I've been really impressed with the cut and durability of the jeans and I'm looking forward to hopefully finding more to share!

I forgot to take a side view picture of this cardigan, but it's awesome.  Because I'm in between sizes, I sized up for an oversized look (what I wanted).  I'll make sure to include a side view picture in a future try-on because I definitely went back and re-ordered the cream color as well to try. The color I'm wearing here is called "Taupe" and it's the perfect neutral that would go with anything.  Not too tan, not too gray - it's likely the color we've all been looking for on our living room walls for 5+ years ;) It's only $25 and comes in 16 colors!!!  Available in straight sizes as well, here

Last but not least is this super comfy (I'm still wearing it now) hoodie sweatshirt.  I sized up in this having no idea how it would fit, and I'm glad I did.  Sizing up lets me layer underneath and have it cover my backside (so I would feel comfortable wearing this with leggings too).  It comes in 7 colors and is only $20.  Available in straight sizes here.

Alright, that's it for Part 1 of the Spring '21 Target try-on.  More to come in the upcoming weeks and days!  Stay warm everyone and keep dreaming of spring with me!


(*Not Target items, but I should mention - my shoes were all closet shopped and older (can't be linked). Necklaces I wear can be found here and here.  Earrings I"m wearing can be found here.)


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