Why I Capsule - How I Began Planning Size Inclusive Capsule Wardrobes

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Do you ever scroll pinterest, instagram or some other platform to look longingly at capsule wardrobes other people plan / wear and think "Wow.  What I wouldn't give to ditch what I have and start over - a fresh and clean slate!"?  A little more than 4 years ago, I found myself thinking and doing these exact things while feeling overwhelmed and frankly, wasteful, with the idea of starting over in my closet.  We had decided we were done having kids, so I was past the stage of holding onto things for maternity options or the "after baby" stage.  I had started a new job that required me to dress differently (professional office wear) and I was finally feeling excited to dress for me again and not what outfits go-gurt sticks and applesauce pouches scrub out of best! 

Then again, I was also overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.  I couldn't find ANYONE that looked like me (size 24/26) doing capsule wardrobes without preaching only neutrals, how to look "prettier", or a minimal lifestyle and closet.  And what do we do as smart, capable women when we can't find something we need?!?  We create it.  So here I am, all these years later, planning size inclusive capsules for myself and other women to help offer a capsule option to women of all sizes.  However, I'm also here to tell you I continue to NOT have a small closet.  I have not pared down.  I will never be a minimalist.  And that's ok - I can still capsule with the best of them! 

The ORMSpring21Workwear Style Capsule released just yesterday (pictured above) and I'm in love with it!  It's one of those capsules where I look at it and it just makes me feel calm.  I have the urge to purge everything from my closet(s) and have only these items hanging in there to bring that sense of calm to my everyday life.  This is exactly why I started doing capsules for myself in the beginning.  Less decision fatigue.  Less time spent worrying about if I have anything to wear.  And taking comfort knowing that I knew I could maintain and manage a 20 item capsule full of items I truly loved and fit me well!

Pictured above is an example of color variety I provide for the ORMSpring21Workwear Style Capsule

Here's the thing though, I get bored - easily!  Fashion and clothing is a way I express myself and my creativity.  My color palettes and fabric choices change with each season.  I lean towards blues, corals and all things floral in the spring; bright and bold colors in the summer; warm, earthy and natural fabrics in the fall; and cozy items with pattern and texture in the winter.  It's taken me years to accept that it's ok to have these clothing "swings" each season.  It doesn't mean I'm not content - instead it means I'm someone that likes (controlled) variety!   I felt like every time I read about a capsule it was always about doing less, having less, and thinking less to bring about more contentment.  While that can be true for some people, for me, it's fun and exciting to plan for variety and know I have room in my closet (and budget) to do just that when I feel the itch.  At times, it's a challenge because as a plus size person, my options can be limited (or expensive!), but I'm always up for a good challenge.  

In the past, when I've tried to do wardrobe capsules longer than a few weeks, a month at most, I start to go stir crazy.  Some people are content with using the same wardrobe for 3-4 months out of the year (I applaud these people - frankly, I'm in awe!) - but that is not me.  When I've tried to extend past 4 weeks of dressing with a set capsule, I felt restricted and grumpy - even though I was the one to put those restrictions on myself!  I started to think about my closet like I think of my home: Furnish in neutrals - decorate with pops of color that fit my mood and the season.  Approaching my closet and wardrobe in a similar way has allowed me to experiment while still feeling in control of my wardrobe choices.
Pictured above is the ORMSpring21 Style Capsule  (the casual version)
that is currently available on the website.

With each capsule I plan, I include 12-15 "core" pieces.  These are items in my closet that could survive my itch for change year to year - and maybe even season to season. Examples would be a great dress, a structured jacket or blazer, a pair of neutral cropped pants and a versatile white shirt.  These are more timeless and classic pieces that I can wear year to year (my "furnished" neutrals using the home decor analogy from above).  Once I have those core pieces locked in, I'm able to swap in trendy and more seasonal items.  This is where I often play with color, print, pattern, texture and fabric choices. 
 Pictured above is the"Step-It-Up" option from the ORMSpring21 Style Capsule
where I took the 20 items and offer them in a business casual style.

I'll continue to plan and offer capsule wardrobes seasonally as it's something I love to do and I still think there is a need for someone to take a truly size inclusive approach to this process!  Right now, the spring capsules are available to purchase on the website.  Make sure to sign up for the ORM Newsletter and then use the discount code "ORMNewsletterBOGO25OFF" to save 25% off the purchase of your second capsule through this weekend!  The coupon code expires on April 11, 2021 at 11:59pm CT.  If you purchase either capsule, I look forward to seeing you in the private ORMStyleGroup along with a wonderful community of body positive women!


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