ORM Summer to Early Fall 2022 Seasonal Transition Style Capsule
ORM Summer to Early Fall 2022 Seasonal Transition Style Capsule
ORM Summer to Early Fall 2022 Seasonal Transition Style Capsule
ORM Summer to Early Fall 2022 Seasonal Transition Style Capsule
ORM Summer to Early Fall 2022 Seasonal Transition Style Capsule

ORM Summer to Early Fall 2022 Seasonal Transition Style Capsule

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The month of September can sneak up on us - especially when it comes to thinking about our clothing needs and closet options!

I, like many of you, spend much of August getting everyone ready for back to school. Then TRUE fall seems forever and a day away because the temps haven't dropped here at all! And finally, it seems I've done my job really well, because my entire closet is full of light weight, bright and summery pieces meant to survive the 90+ degree weather of the midwest.

It is no exaggeration to say you most likely will find me in July & August, frequently check store websites, hoping to see that first drop of autumn orange, deep mustard and rich cranberry! Give me all the plaid, tweed and knit one woman can handle!  Mixing those "fall" elements with classic neutrals, in a way only fall can seem to handle... well friends, that means fall has officially arrived!

In the reality of LIFE (and temps & budget) we simply can't all realistically wear NEW wool blazers with NEW boots and NEW full length jeans each time September rolls around without also simultaneously overheating, presenting ourselves in a lovely shade of lobster red AND then potentially sporting empty wallets!  And all of this before TRUE fall even gets here!

So this ORM Summer to Early Fall Seasonal Transition Style Capsule is for us! The women who aren't always prepared for fall, but desperately want it. The ones that thrive on back to school vibes and the newness of it all - but realistically, we need to stretch our closet staples from summer into early fall, for as long as we can!  It's the REAL intersection of day to day life and our style choices that create what we present to the world.  And this transition style capsule is here to help you do that - a bit more seamlessly.

What does the ORM Summer to Fall 22 Season Transition Style Capsule Include?

This style capsule features 30 unique size inclusive styling suggestions for 15 common “summer wardrobe staples”  most of us have in our closets. In this capsule, you'll be given:

  • 30 visual size inclusive outfits showing you how to mix and match various items from your closet and upcoming fall trends to create new-to-you looks! 
  • Example outfits that work for all body types and various environments - including the office, work, home and weekend (lounge) wear!
  • More than 170+ unique shopping links and resources (only *if* you need or want to shop outside of your closet).
  • A spreadsheet of organized resources that allows you to sort options by store, brand, price, size range, etc.
  • A quick breakdown of how color theory works when it comes to styling various colors together in an easy to read visual format. 
  • Style specific tips and advice that is focused on how I style women ranging in size from XS-3x+ and 00-26+ with a size inclusive approach for the upcoming season. And plus size (size 14/16+) examples are used to create each visual layout! 

The emphasis of the ORM Style Capsules is to provide an inclusive style environment for women of all shapes and sizes with an emphasis on body positive style! My moto: if I can find it in plus, I can find it in straight sizes.  Let's start there!


What kind of community is there - will I fit in?

In addition to receiving the ORM Summer to Early Fall Seasonal Transition Style Capsule, the visual layouts of outfits and shopping guide with direct links - you will receive continuous access to the ORMStyleGroup on Facebook.  This is a private community that I lead for women that have bought a style capsule anytime after March 2021. This style group will continue to exist and your membership does not expire!  The group is a WONDERFUL group of age and size diverse women committed to body positive style (no apologies or diet talk allowed!) Each member is there to support you in your style journey.  The community is successful because the 275+ women that have joined and continue to give more than they take. 

After you purchase this style guide, you'll be on your way to a smoother transition into early fall - together with all the other members of the ORM Style Group Community!


Do I have to spend a lot of money to participate? 

The ORM Summer to Early Fall Seasonal Transition Style Capsule is only $40!  It is a comprehensive style guide that allows you to update wardrobe, using what you have, as we transition into fall.  My hope is that the ORM style capsules are an affordable and accessible resource for everyone.  With my encouragement to shop your closet, recommendations on how to consider different color pairings, and an emphasis on fit at ANY size - the overall goal is to make your current wardrobe stretch and work for you! 

Common stores I use to create capsules include: Madewell, Nordstrom, DSW, Target, Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, Universal Standard, Walmart, LandsEnd, JCrew, JCrewFactory, Zappos, etc.  As a plus size person, I'm used to doing almost all of my shopping online.  The style capsule documents will help you learn the stores I turn to for size inclusive shopping options. 

Don’t forget, I encourage you to make substitutions and shop your closet when you can!  If you have pieces that work for you, make you feel great, and fit your personal style - then you should plan to wear them!  If you are like me and like to refresh your wardrobe each season with a *few* new pieces - then I hope you enjoy the time savings of having someone else (me!) do your shopping for you!


What if I need a different type of outfit or service beyond this capsule?

Future capsules will follow the trends of the season (4 cycles total), and there will also occasionally be capsules specific to athleisure, work, swimwear, holiday, etc.  The next full capsule launch will be in September 2022 - the ORM Fall 22 Style Capsule!

If you have additional styling needs beyond what the ORM Style Capsules can provide, I am available to work one on one with clients.  All meetings are done virtually, so location is not an issue in us working together.  All of the personalized styling options are listed on the website under "Individual Styling Services".  You can also reach out to me directly to discuss what options might work best for you and your current style needs.

Final Thoughts:

If we work together, now or in the future, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to make your life easier by taking at least one thing off your "to-do" list!  Providing these resources for women to feel empowered, beautiful, and positive about their bodies & style is a true passion of mine. 



Note: Links and Style Guide visuals were last updated on August 30, 2022 for the ORM Summer to Early Fall Seasonal Transition Style Capsule.