Shop Your Closet Session

Shop Your Closet Session

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Let's be real, we all likely have many hidden gems (some even still with tags) in our closets! Sometimes, it just takes a fresh set of eyes to see the possibilities in a new and exciting way. During this 1 on 1 video chat, you and I will work through 3-5 items in your closet to explore the outfit possibilities and how to use what you have to style your items in new ways!

Prior to our meeting, you will let me know the pieces you’d like to talk through so I can prepare tips on how to style them into new-to-you outfits - all from items you already own! Working through this process together will allow us to give some of those items in your closet a second chance! Sessions will last up to 1 hour. If additional time is needed, half hour increments can be added on.

Shop Your Closet Styling $75
* If additional time is needed past one hour, half hour increments can be added on to this session for $25 per 30 minutes.