About OneRealMomma


Hi!  I'm Melissa.  The face, voice and plus size woman behind @OneRealMomma. I'm so glad you're here!  For those of you that are new, it's likely best I tell you just a few things about myself so it's not strange when I start chatting like we've been friends for years - I've been known to do that! 

I'm married to my very supportive, but often quiet (only on camera) husband, Ryan.  We have 2 boys, Aiden and Jack.  We live in Iowa which means I experience all the seasons and then some and dress for just about anything under the sun.  Prior to this year, I have always worked in an office environment and have enjoyed expressing myself through style.  I really started to evaluate my style, or maybe lack there of, after our second son was born and I was faced with a closet full of maternity clothes that no longer fit - older worn out clothes that I didn't like - and the dreaded pile of "goal clothes". (Never again will my closet have goal clothes, but that's a conversation for a blog post another day!)

For the first time in years, I knew my body was likely going to be "my body"again and I decided to start investing in me by experimenting with finding my style - my new "Working-Mom Style". Thanks to the lack of shopping resources in our midwest location, online shopping came in handy for me and I've become skilled over the years and now serve as a resource for others to find items they are looking for.  When you have been plus size you're entire life, you learn early on to "hunt" for the right piece - but my goal is to help us all not buy one in every color!

Prior to this year, I spent 15 years working in higher education before launching this small business.  I still teach a few classes on the side, but I consider this a full time career and then some most days.  I'm so blessed to be able to follow my passion for style and design and pair it with my skill of helping others.  This hobby of styling outfits and helping other women embrace themselves and their style officially changed to a career in November of 2020 when OneRealMomma, LLC was formed.    

The greatest joy in my work is helping other women increase their style confidence and choices; regardless of their budget, lifestyle, body type or size.  I do my best to lead by example, sharing pictures of myself trying new items and also giving fully honest reviews of things that work and don't work on a body like mine!  I have identified as plus size all my life, and while I work with women of all sizes, I specialize in body positive, size inclusive styling for sizes 12/14+.  

I'm at my best when I'm able to help others realize how much they deserve self love and care - especially when becoming confident in their style and look - and that's exactly what I'm here to do for you!  5 times a year I run the ORM Challenges.  In short, these are specifically designed capsule wardrobe plans that are meant to be experiences together in a private style group.  In the group women are encouraged
to adopt the idea of a capsule wardrobe for 1 month to help them explore their fashion choices and maybe even boundaries?!?  The other women I've met along the way during this journey are absolutely incredible!  There is an entire community of women that are committed to loving themselves and lifting each other up. 

My goal for each of us is to feel seen and heard, especially for those of us that have typically fallen outside of the style "norm". Building a body positive style community is a special experience and one I am very passionate about.  Please feel free to reach out and connect!  It's what I'm here for.  And thank you.  Thank you for being here and being a part of this journey.