ORM Spring 21 Style Capsule
ORM Spring 21 Style Capsule

ORM Spring 21 Style Capsule

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Registration for the size inclusive #ORMSpring21 Style Capsule opens
Wednesday, March 17, 2021! 

What the ORMSpring21 Style Capsule Includes:
The cohesive wardrobe capsule features size inclusive outfit pieces that create a 20 item capsule.  You'll be given 20 visual layouts of styled outfits you can make using the pieces included in the capsule. You will also receive a document full of shopping links that provide you with options for shopping in size 00-26+ and XS-3X+.  My emphasis is to provide an inclusive style environment for women of all shapes and sizes with an emphasis on body positive style! My moto: if I can find it in plus, I can find it in straight sizes!  

What kind of community is there - will I fit in?
In addition to receiving the spring style capsule, visual layouts for 20 outfits and shopping links/closet checklist for the current season - you will receive continuous access to the ORMStyleGroup on Facebook.  This is a private community that I lead that any woman is welcome to join that has bought a capsule beginning in March 2021.  This style group will continue to exist as additional capsules are added for purchase.  Your membership does not expire!  The group is a WONDERFUL group of age and size diverse women committed to body positive style (no apologies or diet talk allowed!) that are there to support you in your style journey and share their own. 

Women from the US and Canada make up the majority of the group, ranging in age from their late 20's to 65+.  The average age of the group is 30-55, but those members that fall on either side of that average would tell you they feel just as included as anyone else. There are lawyers, stay at home moms, retired professionals, work from home ladies, teachers and small business owners just to name a few!  The group is about a 50/50 split between plus size (14+) and straight size (0-14) women.  Everyone in the group commits to group rules that make the style group safe and inclusive for all of us.  

When do I wear the outfits? Is there a schedule?
There is no set schedule for when you wear the outfits. My hope is that you make them work for you and your life! They will be titled "Look 1, Look 2" and so on, so you're reminded to wear whatever works for you that day.  I include closet staples in each capsule so you can really work your closet and you're not on a constant buying cycle.  With our midwest weather changing all the time, I often refer back to previous looks to deal with a sudden and unexpected change in weather.  

Do I have to spend a lot of money to participate?
It is only $20 to buy the #ORMSpring21 Style Capsule!  I lowered the cost to make sure the resource was more affordable and accessible to everyone.  The majority of items presented in each capsule are budget friendly options.  I am a midwestern mom that previously worked in education, and I understand shopping on a budget with limited time and stores nearby.  I keep all of this in mind when creating capsules and lists for you!  Common stores I use to create capsules include: Target, Old Navy, Kohls, DSW etc.  As a plus size person, I'm used to doing almost all of my shopping online, so this will help you learn the ropes of looking online for options when stores aren't nearby or are not available for one reason or another.

Women are encouraged to make substitutions and shop their closets when they can!  If you have pieces that work for you, make you feel great, and fit your personal capsule colors - then plan to wear them!  If you are like me and like to refresh your wardrobe each season with a few new pieces, then enjoy the time savings of having someone else (me!) do your shopping for you by giving you a full list of options at the start of each season! 

What if I need a different type of outfit or service beyond this capsule?
Future capsules this spring will be specific to workwear, athleisure and vacation capsules (including swimwear), but this main spring 21 capsule is best described as business casual / "teacher" looks / work from home outfits.  I've included at least one "Step-It-Up" option with each capsule piece that would allow you to make the outfit office appropriate if that better fits your lifestyle.  Each capsule item has at least 8 shopping links presented for you to browse for inspiration or shopping; some include up to 15 options! 

If you have additional style needs beyond what the ORM Style Capsules provide, I am available to work one on one with people too!  All meetings are done virtually, so regardless of your location, we can work together.  All of those options are listed on the website under "Individual Styling Services".  You can also reach out to me directly to schedule a 15 minute consultation to discuss what option might work best for you.

Final Thoughts:
If we work together, now or in the future, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to make your life easier by taking at least one thing off your "to-do" list!  Providing these resources for women to feel empowered, beautiful and positive about their bodies and style is a true passion of mine.  Hope to see you (soon!) in the ORMStyleGroup!