Plus Size Old Navy Winter Try On: Part 1

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This above pic was taken before I started trying anything on.  All the items I'm wearing can be found at Universal Standard  (I wear the leggings in many of the upcoming pics). Bag is Anthropologie.


Earlier this weekend, I stopped in to Old Navy for the first time in almost 2 years.  By early September of this year, each store started carrying plus sizes in store (up to a 28/4x) - meaning I could now shop in store like everyone else! This was my first chance to go and it did not disappoint.  For reference, I'm 5'4", inseam is 27.5 inches, I typically wear a 3x/4x or 26, and current measurements are 52 bust, 48.5 waist, 63.5 lower hip. Classic pear shape.  Ready for the try-on? Here we go!

This ribbed knit dress comes in 3 colors - black, a heathered cranberry color and this evergreen color.  This evergreen color was by far my favorite of the three.  There also is a version of this dress that is a maxi straight cut, not the "waist defined" version shown here.  Then there is a mini length fit and flare version.  And last but not least, there is a v-neck button down midi length version (that can also be worn open as a long cardigan).  I think the cardigan version would be very cute layered over the top of the one I'm wearing here in a 3x (the smaller of my 2 sizes). 

Is it really the holidays yet if you haven't broken out (or bought) your holiday sweater?!?  Normally, I struggle with print and patterned sweaters like this because of where the pattern is placed.  However, this cropped cardigan version is just too cute - I'm having a hard time deciding which one to keep (I bought both with the intention to decide later!). The sweater is not itchy, doesn't shed and seems to be very versatile.  I'm wearing each of the sweaters pictured here in a 3x. The 4x would have likely been too oversized and long on me, so the cute cropped look would have been lost by sizing up. 

This cable knit sweater comes in multiple colors - it was hard to pick which one to try-on.  I went with the neutral one because I think it will pair best with most wardrobes, but the raisin color and blue color were calling my name too!  I'm wearing it in a 4x here (oversized so it covers my bum when I wear leggings).  The neck is a little round/wide.  Likely because I sized up, but I would think you'd want to plan to layer another shirt underneath if you live in a climate that has a true winter! Quality seems good - and best of all?  No drop shoulder!!! 

This tunic length textured sweater has possibilities - however, I would need to size up.  I grabbed it in the 3x to try on, and while it fits, it did not have me feeling covered enough to wear as if it were a true tunic.  I would for sure size up in this one.  It comes in multiple colors - I have my eye on the red one as well!  

This time of year I always have my eye out for a dress that could be styled up or down for the holidays.  I think this dress would work especially well for thanksgiving.  It has pockets - a flattering v-neck - is smocked at the top to give you some definition, comes in 2 prints and is light enough to be paired with any topper of your choice (jean jacket, cardigan or even a blazer).  I'd likely wear this with tights (not the leggings shown here) or tall riding boots for our cold upcoming holiday.  If you live in a warmer climate - you could wear it with flats or ankle booties easily!  I'm in the 3x here with no pulling and plenty of room.

Oh, hey you cute bright water resistant puffer jacket!  I've been looking for you!  Seriously though, I almost squealed when I saw something not red or a dark color in the store.  I love holiday looks - but I also love having a cute updated coat that will last me the entire winter (through March where we live!) - so I'm always looking for something bright and cheery.  Once January rolls around, I need a little pick-me-up in the color department to stay motivated to keep taking on the winter cold!  This jacket will do it.  I'm wearing the 4x.  It comes in 5 colors.  The color is brighter in person (as shown here) than it appears online.  This coat would not get you through walking in a blizzard or standing outside at a bus-stop in -20 degree weather - but it will work for you to wear from the parking lot into work, in your car for school pick-up and drop off - or running errands!


Lounging velvet for the winter - ring-a-ding ding ding! I love this set so so much.  I sized up in the top to a 4x (it feels like I'm swimming in velvet and it's amazing). It's cropped and I'm not really here for a cropped moment without a bra on in the evenings (IYKYK!) - so sizing up was important.  The pants are plenty big - with POCKETS - and I'm wearing them in a 3x.  The pieces are sold separately, which I appreciate so people built like me can decide what shape works for our top and bottom halves!

Next up is this layering ribbed turtleneck.  It comes in 10+ colors.  I'm wearing the 4x and it's comfortable.  It's a bit see-through, but in this color, I would always have a layer overtop, so I'm not worried about that.  I love these kinds of base layers for the winter months.  I consider them a winter closet staple! 

And finally, it's been probably 10+ years, but I finally bit the bullet and tried on Old Navy Pixie Pants again.  I had heard they were updated with a new cut and better shape for larger bodies - although I went into it skeptical at best.  I used to loathe this style of pants for my body.  The legs were always too tight and the waist was always too big.  They looked like pants on everyone else and skin tight leggings on me.  Well... what I had heard was true!  They did re-design them (I think, because my body shape is still the same).  The now have a straight leg version, not just skinny leg.  These are ankle length (27 inches) in the regular inseam, so they fit like full length pants on me.  In the pic on the left, I'm wearing a 26.  The pick on the right, I'm wearing a 28.  The 28 was too gappy at the waist and stomach area - and the 26 fit like a glove.  I wouldn't want them any tighter though - or we'd be back at that "legging" look.  Anyway, if you're like me, and you haven't tried them in the last few months, it might be worth taking a chance.  multiple colors are available! 

Alright - that's it for part 1 of this Old Navy try-on.  The store was closing as I was wrapping up these pictures (and I still needed to get to check-out), so I've ordered jeans and a few more shirts to try-on at home.  Stay tuned for part 2!



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