Top 3 Feelings Before Cleaning Out My Closet

feelings I have when cleaning out my plus size closet
When I started making seasonal capsule wardrobes, one of my motivating "points of pain" was not being able to find something in my closet when I needed it.  We had 2 young kids, time was short and hectic in the mornings (really most times felt like that, but especially the mornings) and I always felt frustrated, scattered and disappointed that I just couldn't seem to get a hold of that part of my life/home.

Fast forward to almost 5 years later and I've realized my love of capsule wardrobes (especially ones using closet staples) has left me with numerous items in my closet that are either duplicated (hello size change!) or that I no longer wear/use enough to justify keeping them.  This has created a new problem... abundance!  Specifically, abundance without the energy (emotional, mental or physical) to pair down my closet to the items I have, use and truly love the most.
But why?
After reflecting over the last few months as to why I hesitate parting with these belongings, I've realized for me, the thought and task of paring down my closet brings up feelings of panic, uncertainty and fear.  This seems a bit dramatic, doesn't it?  On the surface - it might.  But just below that are the multiple layers of experience and years of life that help explain where my thought process developed, how my emotional connection to belongings (even ones I'm not currently wearing or using) is much bigger than one might expect and how it's understandably hard to process the feelings that come from this with people that have not had a similar or shared experience.
So I'm curious, if you had to label or name your top 3 feelings that come up when thinking about the task of narrowing down your closet/wardrobe - what would they be?  
The ORM Fall '22 Closet Clean Out Group just opened for registration earlier this week and will be open for registration through November 14th! One of the first "prep" topics we're working through as a group while we prepare for our upcoming 14 day closet clean out is sharing some of the feelings we personally experience when thinking about paring down our closets.  Identifying these will help us explore our "why" and the emotional connection we have to our belongings as well as the potential mental blocks we may experience when thinking about letting go of items that no longer work for us.  I would love for you to join us as we're just getting started!  You can learn more about registration here.
Tomorrow, I'll be back to share what specifically has changed for me and my wardrobe needs over the past 10 years as well as the mindset I'm actively trying to change so I can pare down my belongings to what (currently) works!

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