What I Ordered To Try This Week: 2-4-22

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Recently on the ORM Instagram page, I asked if you wanted to see items as I was ordering them to try - or if you'd rather wait until I tried everything on and then I would just share the "keepers".  There was an overwhelming response (90+%) to share things as I ordered - especially because things tend to sell out in the larger sizes/plus sizes.  Today I'll be sharing my recent (and first!) spring order from Old Navy.  

Old Navy is great because most of their options now are offered in XS-4X or 00-30.  With how size inclusive they are, I find myself continuing to go back to them looking for "gems" each season.  I tend to order items at full price when they are first released so I can get the items (things sell out SO quickly) and then if I decide to keep something, I continue to watch for 14 days after my package was delivered so I can call in to their 1-800 number and ask for a price adjustment.  This strategy has saved me so many times!  Just recently, I purchased a jacket at full price ($70) and by the time I had received the package, it was on sale for 40% off.  I called in, gave them my order number, and within 1-2 days I saw a $28 credit back to my form of payment (my card).  

I'll make sure to share what works from this order once it gets here - but for now, I'm planning to share as I order in hopes you can snag yourself some *potential* gems too! Each item will be linked directly under the picture. Let's get started!

Dress 1    Dress 2     Dress 3     Dress 4

White Button Down     Swimsuit Top     Swimsuit Bottom

Cardigan Sweater     Chino Pants     Graphic Tee

Striped Tee     Chino Pants

Cardigan Sweater     Straight Leg Jeans     Striped Button Down

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