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size inclusive Khaki trench coat styled by OneRealMomma with striped shirt red flats red purse dark ankle straight jeans simple gold jewelry and hair scarf

I was so happy when I saw all of your suggestions come in for this week's #ORMStyleMeSunday session through my Instagram Page.  The suggestion that was picked this week to style for you was a Khaki Trench Coat!  Obviously, this is outwear, so it could be worn with just about anything (especially in the neutral color). It's very versatile and a great investment!  Over the last few weeks, people have also submitted the idea of red flats, striped shirts, work appropriate jean looks and a spring scarf.  I took care of all of those requests with this outfit!  If you submitted a suggestion and your entry wasn't picked yet - keep submitting them every Sunday in my stories over on Instagram!  I'll get to them, I promise!

As a reminder, this is a service I offer for anyone to book - link to those services is here!  I've really enjoyed doing these free styling sessions because it encourages me to use my creativity to pair together your suggestions when I can after the original item is selected AND it lets me see what you all would like help with or ideas for styling.  it's a win win for all of us!

Just like last week's outfit, when I was coming up with this outfit, I made sure anything I used to style the look was size inclusive - meaning it's offered in straight sizes and plus sizes!  Us plus gals have no need to look or shop any differently than our straight size friends.  I've included multiple sources below for the items, so you can find one that works for you! And yes, I've influenced myself, and a tan trench coat that had been on my "look at" list is now in my spring purchase list!  All items pictured are linked below!

Tan/Khaki Trench Coat:
Striped Shirt:
Dark Wash Straight Leg Ankle Jeans:
Red Flats:
Red Cross Body Purse:
Mixed Print, Color Coordinated Scarf (tie in hair, on neck, on purse):

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