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Plus size white button down shirt styled for work and weekend style

Happy to be back for another week of #ORMStyleMeSunday thanks to your suggestions you submitted via Instagram.  The item that was randomly picked this week to style for you was a White Button Down Shirt.  There are probably about 20 different ways I could think of to style a shirt like this, so I focused on taking this week's look and making it work for two very different areas of life - work and casual weekend wear.  Finding the right white shirt that works for all occasions is work, but it's worth it!  I tried to do the majority of the work for you by linking 13 (yes, THIRTEEN!) different options for a white shirt below! For me, the key to a successful white shirt is the drape over the hips and butt (doesn't pull).  The arms having plenty of room.  Comfortable fabric (I'm really digging linen or 100% cotton for spring/summer) and of course nothing that looks too formal.  Keeping these things in mind will help you be able to dress the shirt up or down making it a more versatile part of your wardrobe.

Over the last few weeks, people have also asked me to style spring skirts (and to me that means A-line and pleated skirts) and "mom jeans".  While the definition of mom jeans can be different for everyone, I tend to think of them as straight cut and high waisted with plenty of room through the leg and thigh.  I like the look of distressed "mom jeans" because it gives them a bit of an edge and not a straight out of the 90s look (although the younger crowd might tell you the true 90s mom jeans are COOL, I just personally can't go back there!)  You'll find I took care of those 2 requests with this outfit too! 

If you submitted a suggestion and your entry wasn't picked yet - keep submitting them every Sunday in my stories over on Instagram!  I'll get to them, I promise!  As a reminder, if you are interested in a service like this, I offer it to anyone to book through my website - you can book here! 

I've included multiple sources below for the items, with the hope that you can find one that works for you! All items pictured are linked below!

White Button Down Shirt:
Pleated Skirt:
Distressed Straight Leg "Mom Jeans":
Tan/Cognac Flats:
Tan/Cognac Tote Bag:
Large Gold (thin) Hoops:
Pendant Gold Necklace:
Print Headband:
Tortoise Sunglasses:

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