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example of 5 minute makeup done in the car on a middle aged mom onerealmomma using a mix of drugstore and department store products

We're headed into the season of shuttling both kids from one activity to the next.  I am thankful more than ever this year that our kids are able to start participating in activities again, but there are days where it feels like we went from 0 to 100 for the pace of life!  One way I've tried to make that easier for myself (other than buying all the pre-packaged, semi healthy snacks I can find) is cutting my daily makeup routine down to 5 minutes.  And the biggest shocker?  95% of the time, I do my makeup in the car!  

I am looking at trying some new clean beauty products out in the coming weeks and months (I will report back on those), but for now, these 9 items have been my tried and true staples over the last year or more and they make for a perfect small makeup bag that I can throw in the car and go when we're headed out the door.

All items I use are linked below. I've listed the the colors of each product when appropriate and left a few tips on how to use too!  Hope you find this helpful!

9 makeup and beauty products used to do a 5 minute face of makeup by onerealmomma


Eye Drops
I suffer from allergies or red and dry eyes about 75-85% of the year.  It's been this way since I was a kid and my optometrist has confirmed it will likely always be this way.  For years I couldn't find an eye-drop that offered me any sort of relief that also dealt with the redness until I started using the Lumify Drops.  I can't recommend these enough!  Even if you rarely have red/itchy eyes, I think these are good to have on hand for the days you do.   I always start my makeup routine with 1-2 drops in each eye.


My face is FULL of freckles (and spots of melasma too thanks to my pregnancies).  I've learned to embrace my freckles as I've gotten older, but I've also learned how to take care of my skin better.  One daily routine that has changed in the last few years is the use of a daily sunscreen.  This Glow Screen by SuperGoop is the one that works best for me.  There is a slight tint (would match most skin shades), goes on like lotion, has a bit of sheen/shimmer to it giving me a radiant glow and has an SPF of 40!  Most days I don't end up using any foundation because this product is good enough for me (again, I'm embracing my naturally freckled face!)


Foundations are hard I think - at least they are for me.  What do I match it to?  My freckles, the actual color of my skin, or the in between? Not to mention when your face changes color throughout the year, it can get expensive to change up your foundation color each season.  I can't stand that cakey feeling or look some foundations give you that are too full coverage. I never want anyone to look at my skin and think "oh my gosh, that girl is wearing makeup!".  Because I use the "glow" sunscreen, I quickly figured out that a matte foundation with light to medium coverage would work best for me on days I felt like wearing foundation.  I dot this on to my cheeks, under eye area, forehead, nose and also chin to help balance the redness out.  I blend with my fingers - I know, very fancy ; ) I use color 220 - Natural Beige.


I started using bronzer again for the first time last year after putting it away back in 1999/2000 (my senior year of high school - eeekkk!). Back in the day, I used to try to "tan" my face with bronzer.  Basically, I had no idea what I was doing at all.  Bring it all the way to today and I use a good bronzer palette in 2 ways.  One is to provide some subtle contouring and two - it's a way to bring color to my face in areas it often doesn't show naturally.  I apply by finding my natural cheek bone, dropping my brush (I'll talk about those next) down about an inch and then I make a back and forth sweeping motion going from my mid cheek to my hairline.  


Makeup Brushes
I never knew what I needed when it came to makeup brushes until I found these.  On a whim last year I tried these Eco Tools brushes because they were a great price point and had great reviews.  I'm here to tell you, I'm never looking back!  I think I own almost all of them that are available now, but I pack these 3 in my to-go makeup bag and honestly, it's probably all I need.  The eyeshadow brushes are dual head and even come labeled to let you know how to use them.  You get both eyeshadow brushes for $6!  The brush I like best to apply my bronzer palette is actually the thick, short foundation brush.  It lets me sculpt or brush on my bronzer palette easily and is less than $10!


Highlighter Blush
This blush stick is one of those all-in-one products that you can use on your lips, cheeks and eyes.  That initially helped me justify the price, but to be honest, I only use it on my cheeks.  It works amazingly well as a blush in stick form and has just a bit of shimmer to it giving me that highlighted effect on top of my cheek bones.  I apply lightly because that's the look I prefer, but you could build up as much as you want.  I hesitate to even type this, but I promised I'd give you the colors - the color I use is called "orgasm".  You make whatever assumptions or inferences you want.  I'm just here to tell you it's good ; ) 


Eyeshadow Palette
Eyeshadow often bothers my eyes (read above where I talk about allergies and red eyes!).  This palette from Physicians Formula is one that I've used for the last year and it has never given me any issues.  I rarely if ever wear any of the bold colors (orange, teal and purple aren't really my scene) but all the other colors are and they blend really well!  When I'm doing my 5 minute makeup routine, I use just 2 colors.  The lightest color (appears ivory white) to highlight under my brow bone and then the soft pink with shimmer for my lids.  I use the dual end eyeshadow brushes mentioned above to apply the eyeshadow.


I don't wear waterproof mascara - so I'm always looking for one that provides awesome coverage in one coat, that won't flake or rub off during the day, but also one that is easy to remove when I want it gone at the end of the day.  Sensitivity to mascara is one of the very first things I noticed in college that made me realize I was going to have to start paying attention to the products I used on, near or around my face thanks to allergies and sensitive skin.  This Bambi mascara from Loreal in the color Extra Noir checks all of my boxes.  There is a waterproof version as well if that's more your style.


Lip Balm
Finally, my favorite product.  My ride or die.  The one I'll never cheat on... my Dior Lip Glow in raspberry.  On all the websites, this color looks like hot pink.  In the tube this color looks hot pink.  In real life, this color does NOT look hot pink.  It's the perfect flushed pink that adjusts to your lips and your coloring (it looks just a bit different on everyone I've recommended it to - but everyone looks fabulous!) It comes in multiple colors, but this one is by far, my favorite.  My second favorite is coral for a very natural look. Since I started using this product 2+ years ago, I've never (yes, never) had to use chapstick again.  My lips are hydrated, healthy and now a great shade of flushed pink!  


So that's it.  My 5 minute "Mom Makeup" routine! Cheers to being a mom, admitting car makeup is now the norm and of course, days at the ballpark!  I'll be back in the coming weeks and months to update my favorite items as I continue to explore new brands and products!


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