Size Inclusive Fall Workwear Capsule Sneak Peek!

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1 day and counting until the ORM Fall 21 Workwear Style Capsule is released!
I've decided to release this workwear capsule early because so many people have asked for it (especially those that return to the office or classroom next Monday!)
In addition to this 20 piece - mix and match - workwear capsule that is releasing tomorrow, there will also be a 20 piece casual wardrobe capsule released next Monday August 16th! If you have subscribed to the ORM Newsletter Email list, you will receive a discount code to purchase both on Monday! (scroll to the bottom of the website so sign-up for the newsletter!)
So, you might be wondering, why would you buy the workwear capsule before BOTH capsules are available on the 16th? Great question!
  • You don't want items to sell out that are included in the capsule
  • You can't wait to get into your closet to "shop what you have" this weekend
  • You only have a need for the workwear capsule and don't need the casual capsule
  • You want to help spread the word of how awesome the size inclusive ORM Style Capsules are and it will be easier for you to share your recommendation with others!
  • You have zero patience (like me!) and just can't wait any longer!
While you're debating to grab it tomorrow or wait over the weekend and grab both on Monday, there are a few things I should point out that I think you will love about this workwear capsule:
  • You make one less decision (well, many less decisions) each morning getting ready for work during the crazy busy time of back to school and the office for everyone
  • Capsule items and corresponding links will be shown in a spreadsheet format (this is new) so you can sort by store, size, capsule item number and price point
  • Multiple price points and brands will be represented - with the emphasis continuing to be on size inclusive fashion that offers sizes to those of us that fall in the 14-26+ range
  • There will be 2 color options created for the overall "capsule collection" to show you just how flexible this capsule can be using colors that work for you
  • The capsule will include 20 visual layouts with accessories, but you now also get visuals of bonus outfits
  • Each top layer and shoe choice is interchangeable, making this 20 item capsule flexible enough to give you 50+ unique outfits!
  • This workwear capsule will blend very well (there will be cross over pieces) with the ORM Fall 21 Casual Capsule that will be released on the August 16th!
Release time is set for Noon CT - August 12th, right here on the ORM website!
I can't wait to kick off this fall season, together!

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