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chambray shirt styled with pink coral pants by onerealmomma

Happy Easter (if you celebrate)! I took today off from doing any work and loaded my kids with candy and chocolate.  We of course had to start the day with cinnamon rolls and all the other breakfast fixings before hitting up our at home egg hunt, outside chalk drawings and family game day.  This may be our last holiday in quarantine (fingers crossed) so I soaked up all the family time, just the 4 of us, as I could.

(My favorite pie dish that I made cinnamon rolls in for Easter is still available here! It bakes everything I make amazingly well and it's gorgeous!)

Now that my husband has the kids out back (running off all the previously mentioned sugar) I wanted to make sure I shared this week's #ORMStyleMeSunday post.  The item that was randomly chosen from the list of suggestions submitted by ORM followers was a denim chambray shirt.  

I feel like this outfit is a bit extra.  Maybe it's the all the easter candy I snuck out of baskets - maybe it's that the birds have been singing all day - maybe it's that it stayed above 75 degrees here for the first time in 6+ months.... but whatever it is - I'm here for it!  I'm loving the layered jewelry look, especially with an outfit as simple as this and then the bold pops of white with the accessories and sandals.

In this look, I used pink/coral casual pants.  The drawstring waist and roll cuffed bottoms helps lend to the casual relaxed vibe (and meant I could leave the shirt unbuttoned).  You could easily use almost any color of pants with this outfit and it would still work! This is one of the reasons I love a chambray shirt - it's so versatile and reads as a neutral in most cases. 

A quick note about pink/coral pants that I've found over the years of trying them.  I think a good pair of pink or coral pants should be able to be easily paired with most colors and in the right shade, make a great wardrobe staple item for your spring/summer wardrobe.  I also think there are FAR TOO MANY pants out there available in what I would call one step away from my skin color (eeek!).  If you have fair to medium skin tones, I'm talking to you! 

The colors to stay away from (in my opinion) are the light blush, peach, dusty pink, etc. colors that may look cute on your screen or on a hanger, but trust me when I say - as soon as you get them on, it will look like you've exposed yourself to the world ; ) Unless you have a much darker complexion than mine (darker than fair-medium), I would stay away from any pink/blush/coral pants that are not highly saturated in color (meaning, they don't read as matching your skin tone!).  

Alright, enough chatter - let's get to the good stuff.

All options linked below are size inclusive and the sandals come in wide! 

I hope you enjoy! 


Chambray Shirt:
Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3 / Option 4 / Option 5


Pink/Coral Pants:
Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3


Other Outfit Items/Accessories:
White high neck tank

White T-Strap Sandal

White Oversized Sunglasses

Gold Stud Earrings

Layered Gold and Stone Necklaces

Long Gold and Stone Pendant Necklace

Turquoise Cocktail Ring

Stacked Gold Rings

Gold and Stone Stacking Bracelets

White Straw Handbag (comes with a crossbody strap)



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