The "Step-It-Up" Chambray Dress

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Spring blue chambray shirtdress button down dress try on with plus size onerealmomma(Picture taken right out of the package, so please excuse the wrinkles ;-)

Even though I'm not headed into a traditional office right now, I know many people are headed back or have at least started thinking about and planning for it (yay vaccines!).  I'm always on the lookout for cute, affordable, work appropriate looks that would work in most office or classroom work settings.  The #ORMSpring21 Style Capsule releases tomorrow morning and this is a perfect example of something I did with the capsule this time called the "Step-It-Up" option. 

The #ORMSpring21 Style Capsule is a 20 piece wardrobe used to create 20 outfits (including shoes!) for $20. This dress is just one of the "Step-It-Up" options I provided.  This would be a great alternative option for a day where a chambray shirt is worn or another more casual dress.  I do plan to release a true workwear capsule in early April, but so many people are in the in-between zone with outfit needs, I thought this "Step-It-Up" approach might help people the most.

When I got this dress in, I was so excited to try it out.  I ordered in both my smaller size and larger size (3x and 4x).  I'm so glad I did because I definitely needed the larger size in this one!  I also ordered the floral version to try and it wouldn't even go on (so something is definitely wonky with the sizing of the print options) BUT if you stick to the blue chambray shirt dress, you should end up only needing to go with your top size or up a size.

Here are the best parts about this blue chambray shirtdress:

  • It is a true button down, but has tiny (strong!) snaps in between the buttons to keep the dress closed and prevent any gapping. 
  • The belt is removable (I would likely wear a brown belt with mine). 
  • The sleeves are easy to roll or button around your wrist.
  • It's light weight and on cooler spring days, you'd likely be comfortable layering it with a cardigan or jacket.
  • There are no special laundry instructions - wash and dry at home like normal.
  • And last but not least, the dress is only $23 (full price) and is available in sizes 0X-4X!
Here is a similar dress in straight sizes for only $20. I've also linked more below.

    I also tried a pair of sandals out when I ordered the dress that I think are a cute compliment to the style of the dress. I like the extra height they give me when wearing a longer dress like this.  While they didn't have enough arch support for me (I have plantar fasciitis, so I can't wear shoes that aren't extremely supportive) - I think they would work for most people!  They are available in size 6-11, come in this cognac color and a red color, and are only $20.

    I love that this entire outfit comes together for less than $45 and you'd be ready to take on the day ahead at work! If these options don't work for you, I did find 10 more options that are linked below.  Classic styles, like this shirt dress, are timeless. They will easily carry into the summer months too!  

    Additional Options are below!

    Blue Chambray Plus Size Shirtdress Options:

    Blue Chambray Straight Size Shirtdress Options:

    I can't wait to be back tomorrow to share the new #ORMSpring21 Style Capsule with you!  (imagine this many sources for ALL the 20 items ;-) 

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