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This past week has been a whirlwind here - has it been for you too? So many schedules, big emotions, lack of time, and exciting (but time consuming) projects!  I was so looking forward to styling the #ORMStyleMeSunday look this week once linen joggers was randomly selected from the suggestions you all entered.  As soon as I realized this was the item I KNEW exactly what I wanted to create - something casual, laid back, and with a touch of chic.  And yes, this is the type of lifestyle I'm hoping for this next week.  I can leave the frazzled, overly tired and emotional days behind me!

There are so many options out right now for linen blend and 100% linen jogger style pants, that you likely can find a pair that works for you! I've listed all those plus size options below.  If you are straight size, just search for the same pants in your size - they are all there (and more!).  The shoes pictured are also offered in wide and multiple colors.  Once I found them, I had myself a little "add to cart" moment.  I encourage you to change up this look (or any look for that matter) to make the colors work for you!  My hope is that these weekly styles and posts give you inspiration, resources, and style tips to make each outfit work for you!

Let's get to styling!

Plus Size Linen Jogger Options:

Other Items:


Make sure to check out my Instagram stories tonight and tomorrow to enter your suggestion for what I should style next week.  Each week, one of those suggestions is picked at random and then I get to styling and sharing next Sunday!  

Have a great week, All!




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