The Perks of Joining an ORM Challenge!

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How do we form a sense of community in the ORM Challenges?!? 

I'm sometimes asked if there are any "perks" to participating in the Challenges vs. buying a capsule wardrobe guide individually (meaning without the support of the ORM Challenge Group and Community). The best way to answer this is, "YES! Perks a plenty!" In the ORM Challenge groups, we share daily pictures (if you feel comfortable doing so) of our interpretation of the day's outfit, give each other positive and uplifting feedback, and participate in weekly or challenge long group style sessions! 

Each week there is a #ORMTellMeTuesday post that lets group members give feedback, ask for help, and get to know one another better. Just last week, the group answered a poll to vote on their favorite outfits from the three #ORMWinter21 capsules. It's so fun to see what the group favorites are - sometimes, very different from mine! Most weeks, I ask open ended questions to check-in, see how the group is feeling and gather opinions! I use these responses to enhance and improve upcoming challenges - your feedback means the world to me!

Three times throughout the Challenge, we do #ORMWineWednesday nights! These are live zoom session where group members submit their questions ahead of time, I prepare answers for to each question (and usually more) so we can talk and learn as an interactive group. Everyone that wants to be on screen is on screen, so there is a wonderful sense of community. This type of styling help was a group favorite last challenge and I'm looking forward to continuing the tradition this winter. Some of us drink wine, some of us are drinking Starbucks lattes (that's me) and some of us drink water/soda - we just call it Wine Wednesday for fun, but there certainly is no pressure or need to drink!

Next we do #ORMFridayFavs - Each Friday morning I post a graphic to start the group thread where members can post ANY product or any item that they are currently loving. I think this was my favorite thread of the past Challenges - I learned of so many great products (Hello, Cheese Plate Book?!?) People post makeup, kitchen utensils, meal planners, shoes and boots, jewelry, books, etc - anything goes! If you love it and recommend it, this is the place to share with the ORM community.

Finally, new this winter, I'm offering the group 3 specific #ORMProductRoundup posts. Group members will be able to vote on the items they want sourced and then I shop til' I drop (virtually of course) to scout out the best products! It's like having me as your personal shopper without having to pay for the individual shopping session. These posts will eventually become blog posts here on the blog, but group members will have access to the information and resources long before everyone else does! 

Included in the #ORMWinter21 Challenge:

  • 3 Mix and Match - Size Inclusive - Capsule Wardrobes
  • Interactive Style Sessions
  • Personalized Shopping
  • A Body Positive Style Community of Like Minded Women
  • An Extensive Shopping List with Direct Links and Sizing Notes should you need or want to buy anything.
I hope you'll join us to have fun with the items in your closet this coming season! Click here to register - Registration closes this Friday! 

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