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Plus Size Wal-Mart Try-On

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Wal-Mart is one of those stores that I tend to not think about when looking for clothes.  But every once in awhile, I'm reminded that they do carry some gems and all it takes is a little looking, some ordering and multiple try-ons to find the good stuff (and by good stuff I mean similar styles can be found at other stores - but you can grab them from Wal-Mart for usually half the cost or less!). Another great thing about shopping online through Wal-Mart is that they offer 2 day FREE shipping once you're over a $35 total on most of their items AND they offer FREE returns by mail - no questions asked.  I realized this just over a year ago, and it has helped me change my strategy in how I shop with them.  I now order multiple sizes and colors and then happily return whatever doesn't work without setting foot in the store (I still don't shop at Wal-Mart in person.  Part of that is safety at our local store, but most of that is pandemic).
Finally, I know Wal-Mart is fast-fashion and that they offer cheaper items at not the "top" quality, but speaking from experience, I've spent 3 or 4 times as much on similar items at Nordstrom and they wear the exact same way (quickly!).  Everyone is entitled to their opinions on "fast-fashion" but as a plus size shopper, who has had limited shopping options the majority of her life (especially those at a budget friendly price point) --- I'm more than willing to give these items a try and be willing to accept the fact that I may only wear them for a season or two before donating them (some items stick for years though - so don't be put off by that!) 
I've commented below each picture with my notes on sizing. Some of these items are available in straight sizes too.  If I can include a link for them, I will!  I hope putting info under each picture helps you avoid constant scrolling back and forth throughout the post.  Finally, at the end, I'll post a few links to items I don't have pictures of, but I like or wear.  As a reminder, I'm a 3x or 24/26 most places, but you'll notice, in certain things I size up to a 4x at Wal-Mart.  I really appreciate how inclusive their plus items are and how some items go up to a 5x for women that fall in that size range! Very rarely do I need to size down in Wal-Mart items, but if I do, I'll make sure to mention it with the pictures.  Here we go!
Teal Jogger Try On from Wal-Mart
Teal Joggers - These are the 3x pictured here.  I also ordered them in the 4x, but they were much too big.  4 colors are offered, but I'm in it for the teal!  It's important to wash these separately the first time (or two!) so now color comes off.  I have had that happen with these dyed pieces before and want to prevent that from happening to you! 0x-5x, $15.

Casual shirt and distressed jeans try on from wal-mart

Boyfriend Jeans - available in 3 colors. These are the medium wash pair (the first pair I bought last summer) and they have the most distressing at the bottom of the jeans, but are middle ground for distressing throughout the leg. I own in all 3 colors, and each is a bit different when it comes to the distressing. I wear a 26 in these, but could likely get a 24 if I wanted a slimmer or tighter fit (I didn't). $20, sizes 14-32.  I'll show the light wash ones coming up! (Shirt is Kohls, and available here - wearing in a 3x!)

Terra and Sky Open Front Cardigan (I own in black, teal and gray) - it comes in 6 colors. Wearing in a 3x. Very comfy - great mid length - washes really really well (no pilling). Available 0x-5x. Some colors are on sale for $13, others are $16.  Also offered in straight sizes for $14 here. The distressed boyfriend jeans mentioned above are also pictured here, but in the light wash.  Less distressing at the cuff, and more throughout the leg. Sorry about the photo quality - I had this photo on my old phone and obviously the quality if VERY different.  Thankful for that upgrade! 

Terra and Sky Button Front Cardigan $19. Comes in 4 colors - this color is called Fruit Khaki (so strange - its just normal beige). Comes in sizes 0x-4x. I'm wearing a 4x here because I've layered over a heavy denim shirt (from old navy) - but I also ordered the 3x and that layered just fine with a regular teeshirt (no picture). So stay true to size if you want a normal fit, and for a slightly oversized fit or a bit slouchy - go up one size. 


Time and Tru Plus Size Everyday Essential Button Front Career Shirt. This shirt comes in 3 colors - white, black and white with a small black/gray pinstripe. Offered in sizes 0x-5x. I'm wearing a 4x, but feel its oversized and generous. I was shocked at the quality of this shirt. It shouldn't wrinkle much based on the fabric (not just a cotton shirt). I've buttoned around my hips and butt with no issues and no pulling in my arms because I sized up. For a more fitted look, I'd stick with my normal size (3x).


Terra & Sky Full Length Legging - my absolute favorite cozy legging! I own all solid colors and they wash and wear great (better than some of my expensive ones!). Wearing the wine color here - I'll have a pic of the gray coming up too. I wear in a 3x very comfortably. They are offered size 0x-5x, 5 solid colors, 2 prints. $12 each. 

This is the Time and Tru Casual Knit Moto Jacket   It comes in size 0x-4x. I'm wearing the 4x. The sleeves are not too tight and it zips comfortably (I don't think I'd be able to say the same for the 3x - I'm sure I wouldn't have been zipping that one). $28 each.  Also offered in straight sizes here.
I'm obsessed with this turtleneck sweater. OBSESSED. It's SO comfortable and feels cool when on (its crazy!) It's only $13 and comes in black with this very light silver stripe (that reads white in some lights) and also a red option with navy stripe. Sizes 0x-4x and I'm wearing the 3x.   Also comes in a solid silver (very light gray silver) color that is so cute - linking here! These sweaters rival some of my expensive sweaters ($80+ sweaters) and I'm kicking myself for not finding these earlier! They offer g ood butt coverage without pulling.  Straight size option here for $12.   
This is the Time and Tru Casual Knit Moto Jacket (in brown) black was pictured earlier. Comes 0x-4x, I'm wearing the 4x. $28 each. Straight sizes for $21 here.  The color isn't quite as rich as I thought it would be. Very peanut butter. 
The Athletic Works Cinched Hoodie. On sale in plus sizes for $10 (normally $20). It comes in black, gray and navy. Y'all, this is SO DANG FLATTERING! The cinch waist makes it! Offered in size 1x-4x, I'm wearing the 3x and it works.  It's not sloppy, but big enough on the arms and can snugly zip - which is ok because of the athletic type fabric. There is a hood too. I've ordered it in all 3 colors and have already cleaned out my coat closet to make room!  They will be perfect for spring! Straight sizes are offered as well, size XS-XXXL, but but still $20 (worth it for $20 in my opinion). 
Secret Treasures Sleep Knit Top and jogger set. I love these secret treasures sets. I always look for the knit ones because I don't overheat in them and they are a great price! Offered in size S-3x, I'm wearing the 3x. $20 per set. This one comes in 8 colors. I tried the stripe and the winter white leopard set.
I hesitated to post this - but what the heck, we are all friends, right?!?   This is just a very basic black Chemise - it's very comfortable (I'm wearing no bra here - gasp!) and I don't feel like it's bad. There are adjustable straps. Comes in S-3X, I'm wearing a 3x. Only $10. It also comes in a pink and gray snake print (labeled tan strangely - linked here)
These faux wrap dresses are my FAV! I love the arm coverage on them (longer sleeve) and the faux tie waist that gives a great shape. It hangs so well. It's currently available in teal, black and purple. I have the black and teal in 3x and love them both. Only $20. (pulled the photo from my old phone as well to be able to show you!)
3 things to talk about in this picture - so I'll be doing 3 separate comments. I didn't take a pic of a stand alone bra, but in this pic, you can "see" it the best. I've been looking for a wire free bra because I'm just not into my normal bras with winter, big layers and being at home (once I'm not wearing all the layers all the time, I'll likely go back to my Bali underwire bras). I ordered these Playtex 18 hour Comfort Wire Free bras and they live up to the hype! Walmart had them for $18 or less each, normally $36. I grabbed in white, black and beige (although it comes in 5 or 6 colors I think). Sizing goes up to 44DDD/46DD and as low as 36B. I hadn't found a wire free bra that I liked up until now because most of them have some sort of lining or padding to provide shape (but I swear, I just jiggle around in those - I just wanted a simple all me and one layer of fabric option that wasn't going to break the bank). The shoulders are very comfortable and have helped with my boob induced back pain. 3 separate links as different sizes are found on different links in different colors:
Next is this Terra and Sky Long Sleeve Everyday Essential Crewneck Shirt. These are GREAT - the only downside is, every color is sold out right now except for this white - they come in a 2 pack for only $18 - so easily justified considering how easily I ruin white tees like this. This rivals some of my very expensive ones (ones I've spent $50+ on) I think I'd go for this one each time! They come in sizes 0x-5x in plus, and are also offered in straight sizes XS-XXXL too ($16 for a 2pack of straight sizes with many more color options available).
Finally are these high waist skinny jeans - they are AMAZING! As in, I'm getting rid of some of my other pairs I like these so much. They come in 3 colors - light wash, medium wash and black. I swear this is the light wash pair - but they don't look that light. I'd describe them as a medium wash. I ordered the medium wash too, but there was no difference in color EXCEPT for the thread. The ones labeled medium wash on the website had orange thread (which I can't stand in jeans). So I'd stick with "light wash" or black in these. I'm wearing in a 26, and they are offered 14-26 and also have petite! 
Feel free to message me if you have any questions of you need help with any of the items!  Let me know what you grab! ~ORM

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