What I Bought and Loved - in June!

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I feel like it's been forever and a day since I last sat down to write a blog post.  I always think of summer as slower, easier, and less hustle - but then we get in the swing of things and it seems to fly by so fast with little to no time to slow down.  If you've been following along through my posts and stories over on Instagram, you likely have kept up with our shenanigans.  If I find something I love, I tend to post it there (quickly) and then still keep up with all the day to day around here.  

Because it seems I don't have time to sit down all that often and write up reviews of everything I've tried that has worked or not worked (at least in these summer months) I thought I'd do a "What I Bought and Loved" series starting this month.  I'll plan to only talk about things that are still available and that I LOVED!  I'll let the doozies be covered in a quick story post on IG or in the ORM Private Style Group (because we all know we can learn from those too).

June might be a bigger month than normal because it's my birthday month and we've been busy picking things up for the deck re-do - so don't be alarmed at quantity of items mentioned ;-) Let's get started!


This jumpsuit from Lane Bryant (I'm in the 26/28) and these sunglasses from Target that are only $15 have been worn on the regular! 


With it being the hot days of summer, Ryan made my birthday wishes come true with a new pellet ice maker.  This countertop addition has been so loved and used by our family already in the first 2 weeks of having it.  The boys now have ice cold drinks every day for baseball, I am drinking so much more water and Ryan and I have tried a few new drink recipes getting ready for deck season now that we have Chick-fil-a size ice at home! These plastic tumblers I found at Target for only $2 each have been my favorite glasses so far to have a mixed drink in (and they'll be patio friendly too!) They come in 2 sizes, the smaller size is linked above and this is the larger size link (I grabbed 8 of each!)


You all know I've been on a journey to quiet the fat-phobic and shame driven voices in my head by accepting and loving my body with a body positive outlook at attitude over the past 4-5 years.  I grabbed this Body Talk book by Katie Sturino and it is thoughtful without being heavy.  Fun and honest without being devastatingly sad and it is all about women empowerment and enlightenment! Many things I read about this topic leave me feeling down because it feels at times like an unsurmountable goal to get to a body positive place when most of society and norms are fighting against you.  I still read the literature that's out there, sad or not, but this was one of those "show up and be your kick ass self" kind of books that my summer psyche needed!


I've been wearing bike shorts around the house and under dresses this summer, but sticking to my rule of NO SHAPEWEAR!  I found a cheap version and a more expensive version and I like both for different reasons.  The cheap version is this pair from Target for only $10. I wear the 4x in the Target pair because I like to use my dryer and knew with how cheap they were, they'd shrink up a bit.  I also tried the 3x and those worked well the first wear, but after they met the dryer, I was glad I had the 4x on hand.  The more expensive pair is a bit longer, they have pockets (this is especially helpful when around the house and I still want my phone with me) and they are higher waisted (oh, and feel like butter).  I wear an XL in these, but many people size down in them.

Other shorts I've been wearing (and loving!) are both from Target.  I can't believe how inexpensive they are and how much I like them.  The denim pair is normally $20, but on sale right now for $12.  I am between a 24 and 26 in them and thanks to the stretch and generous leg, was able to go to the 24.  The black shorts are some kind of sorcery.  They are knit, heavy enough weight to not show lumps and bumps, but also not too heavy that they are hot.  They come in multiple colors and you will likely be able to size down if you are between sizes.  If you carry your weight in your mid-section, these have a drawstring front and elastic back - so plenty of room!  The shirt I'm wearing in both pics can be found here (yes, I enjoy stripes!)

I should take a second to mention something. Before this summer, it had been 20+ years since I last wore shorts out in public.  Maybe 25 or more if I really think about it.  My experience so far has been great.  No one looks, stares, says anything negative (or at all really).  I can't believe I went for so long hiding myself in long sleeves and pants just to avoid an uncomfortable moment with someone else in 90+ degree weather.  All along I could have been cool enough to enjoy the summers with my family and friends by just accepting and loving my body.  So I'm here to say - shorts are worth it - at least a few pairs ;-)  

I grabbed a few new pairs of statement earrings to help make my outfits "pop" with accessories, but not add to the heat or comfort of my summer outfits (dresses, I mean dresses!).  These White Gias have been my favorite pair that I grabbed!  I've also been loving on my sunscreen and just got a big ol' package of it delivered last week.  I tried 8 more products in the Supergoop! line (my favorite line that doesn't irritate my skin) and the Unseen Sunscreen is STILL my favorite!  


Summer dresses are my favorite - followed by skirts, but dresses truly win the day.  They are one and done.  I generally can find ones that fit my pear shaped body well, and they are versatile when you consider all the layering options that you have.  I've picked up a few in the past month, but the one I loved the most (and you loved the most) was this coral 100% cotton dress.  It has pockets and is under $30! I wear a 2x (so I sized down 1 from my normal size).  I just got it in a second color (on the way to me now) because I've worn the coral color so much this first month.  The jean jacket I'm wearing in the picture was not a "June" purchase, but it is on sale and it truly is my favorite jean jacket ever thanks to the semi-cropped length and roominess of the arms - so I need to link it here so you don't miss out!  I wear the XL (my normal size) but many people size down one.


My stainless steel 30oz tumbler has come in handy when I'm running around with the boys.  It was only $10 - can you believe it?!? I took this to the splash pad with them and it was 95+ degrees the entire time we were there (pic is a screenshot of the IG story where I first shared about it - on that 95 degree day!).  I still had ice at the end of the day - it was awesome!  I grabbed these long stainless steel straws to use with it!  

 For the deck and outdoor backyard area (we are currently making it over), we grabbed these outdoor lights to replace our old ones.  The price is awesome (less than $30) per light and my husband said they were easy to install! This outdoor pillow that I grabbed to use on the new outdoor sectional is so cute - both are back in stock today!  We also got in the upstairs outdoor fire pit/table and the downstairs WIDE WIDTH swivel chairs! 


Last, but certainly not least is my love for Olive & June nail polish! The month of June was my first month as an ambassador for them and it was so fun to share my mani/pedi tips with you all on Instagram!  I'll continue to share over the coming months, but thought I should mention that I really liked their new summer color, Cherry Crush (bright red/pink) as well as the heel balm I recently tried.  Both were new to me O&J products that I used, and just like all the others, I really liked them!  If you want to check out the PRIDE Rainbow manicure I did using all the various colors from O&J, you can head here!  Don't forget - you can save 20% off any new mani system or pedi system from Olive & June using my code MELISSAF20 (that includes free shipping too!)  To store and display all my Olive & June nail polish, I grabbed this nail polish stand that holds up to 60 bottles of nail polish (5 tier one).  It's less than only $12 and works great!

Let me know if you have any questions.  I'll be looking forward to sharing a round up at the end of next month too!  ~ORM

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